Are You Committed to Join the Moneyless Tribe?

Living moneyless is no longer my solitary path.  Some friends and I officially launched a nomadic moneyless tribe in early July, 2013.  We have been walking, and may soon be evolving into a bicycling moneyless tribe.  We accept no promises.  Just do it.  This is the only true commitment, which you will demonstrate by giving up all money to your name, having no bank accounts, no treasures, to fall back upon.   Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  If your heart is not here, but elsewhere, you will be weak.  Our group will be strong and powerful if your heart is with us.  Only then will you understand faith.  Only then can we walk in power, strength, and love. 

If you put your hand to the plow and look back, you will be unhappy and weak and drag down those around you.  Only the heart fully here and now can be happy, can be determined and powerful.

You either dive off the cliff into cold water or you don't.
Don't give me promises.  Just do.
No vows, no debts
only Grace, Gratis, Gratitude.

Do or do not,
there is no try.

Please see my blog Moneyless World - Free World - Priceless World
to see updates on where we are and what is up with our moneyless tribe. 

I posted about this moneyless tribe in the Fellowship for Intentional Communities directory:

Community With Opening
Posted On 5/29/2013, Last Updated On 7/28/2013

A nomadic moneyless tribe! Sharing in community my experience living without money for 12 years. We are accepting folks willing to give up ALL money & government aid, and also looking for communities we can be of free service to on our migratory path and to network with.

Two-fold mission:
1) Practice gift economy by not having, accepting, or using money, freely giving and receiving, offering free services to individuals, towns, organic farms, intentional communities, churches, ashrams, monasteries along its migratory path.
2) Raise awareness by activist example, (eg, challenging concepts of private property and returning stolen lands to native people’s stewardship, reducing stress on the environment and ending dependence on corporate trade and exploition of "third world" populations).

Prerequisite to join us: give up all money to your name, not taking or using it,
to fully grasp the meaning of walking by faith (courage).

It is to run by consensus, to be ecumenical, to practice and bring to light the forgotten principles of the world's spiritual traditions (giving up possessions, doing for the sake of doing rather than for future reward).

Please see blog for what we're up to & where to join us.

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