How do you maintain your blog and website and do email?

I use computers at public libraries, colleges and universities, hotels, when they're already running and accessable, and at the houses of friends.  Public libraries are the one exception I take of using "public assistance" funded by taxdollars.  My use of computers and books in libraries causes such minimal drain on taxpaying society as to be insignificant.  And this is the most free way of publishing information to the world that I feel needs to be published, and I don't feel the least guilty about it, any more than an ant, dog or cat should feel guilty for walking on public sidewalks, roads, or parks.  Besides taxes, many people volunteer freely at libraries and have no problem dipping into their basic humanity, dontating their services freely to people whether or not people can pay taxes.  These are the redeeming things in our society that are available for all classes, ethnicities, nationalities, and creeds without prejudice, and are nearest our society can muster to unprejudiced free-for-all air and sunlight. 
Again, the philosophy here is to use what is already running, and what is freely given or discarded, to cause little or no footprint where I walk.
Besides, when some commentaters in my blog were complaining on my being a "mooch" for using the library they pay for in taxes, another commentater, calling herself Piper, stepped right up to say she also pays taxes and doesn't use the library, and, thus has donated all her library and computer time to me :-)  That silenced the naysayers.  My debt existing only in their minds was annuled by money only existing in their minds, while nothing in reality changed but a few brain circuit patterns, making everybody happy!