How do you do laundry?

We make everything so complicated in our "labor-saving" civilization!  I don't wash my own clothes or bedding! I send them to my launderer! The creek is my launderer!  I place my clothes, blankets, and sleeping bag in the creek, weighed down by large rocks, leaving them in the water overnight.  In the morning I wring them out and spread them on the rocks or on sage-brush bushes or on juniper trees.  No soap, no scented dryer sheets, no polluting toxins, no fuss.  And my clothes smell earthly-heavenly.  

Silt sometimes collects on the laundry in the creek.  No problem: I just swish the laundry around in the water and the silt goes away.  The silt itself is a deodorizing conditioner.

This automatic laundromat doesn't get whites very white and doesn't remove some stains.  But that's no problem since I wear mostly dark and earth-tone clothes, so such stains don't show.  If you look around, white creatures aren't adaptable to the desert.  Ravens and coyotes and bobcats and golden eagles are.  But, if I may boast, my clothes are cleaner than anybody else's I know of (with the exception of my friend, mentioned below), because they have no synthetic chemical residues with off-gassing ghastly odors.

When I'm on the road, I wash clothes in bathroom sinks, park spigots, or in canals or streams.  I try to wash socks and my feet every day, so I usually have a clean pair drying and a clean pair on my feet.  I do often use soap to wash clothes in civilization.

I do have a hermit friend, who lives outdoors in New Mexico, who wears only white linen clothes (which he makes himself), and he lives by a very muddy creek.  He refuses to use any soap.  He washes his clothes in the clay by the creek and, somehow, they turn out white!  He is an impeccably-dressed clean freak, in fact, and will not be caught with stains or stink!