9. What will you do when you get old?

If I live to get old, I will get old and die, like every living creature.  Who can prevent it.  Who has ever prevented it?  Would it be better to die in a nursing home with tubes stuck in me or would it be better to die in a canyon or by a wild animal or a virus?
Sufficient for today is the evil thereof.
How many robins or alligators or chimpanzees do you know of who have life insurance policies?  Walk into a hospital geriatric ward and ask yourself if we are any better off than the chimpanzees.  Go ahead.
Many religious people freak out when I speak of chance and natural selection, betraying themselves that they do not really believe that God is omnipresent.  If you say "chance", they think you are talking of something apart from God.  But chance is the very mind of God.  Chance sends its rain on the just and on the unjust alike.  Chance is no respecter of persons.  Chance formed me and continues right now to mold me from the dust of the earth.  Chance evolved me from an ameoboid to a human.  Why, after millions of years of honing me down, would chance forsake me now?  To quote a verse in the Bible that Bible-thumpers won't touch with a 10-foot pole:

Again I saw that under the sun 
the race is not to the swift, 
nor the battle to the strong, 
nor bread to the wise, 
nor riches to the intelligent, 
nor favor to the men of skill; 
but time and chance happen to them all.  
--attributed to "the Son of David" (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

Pure and simple, faith is trusting yourself to chance. 
Again, don't get all high-minded & smart, you materialists.  If you're a materialistic Darwinist, and you really believe you came about by chance, then why do you not trust yourself to chance?  All science and all religion are one, and all are faith and came about by faith.  Many science minds like to argue with me about this. But I wager that the creative mind, the inventive mind, whether of art, science, or religion, understands what I am talking about.

Have faith.
--Thor Heyerdahl to those skeptical of putting his scientific hypothesis to the actual test
If you're a religious, and you really believe that God is all sovereign, why do you think chance is somehow apart from God?  
Chance created us. 
Both of you, religious and materialist, can you honestly look at your beautiful hand or your complex brain or your lymph system or your splendid eye and think that the universe is somehow going to fall apart if you stop worrying about it?  What has worry ever accomplished? 
On the flip side, do you think you or anybody can ever, ever, ever stop decay and death?  Will worrying make it better?
Every moment is death.  Every moment is born again.  Ye must die and ye must be born again.  If you can't embrace death voluntarily right now, do you think it will be easier when it inevitably crashes onto you against your will later?
Plan for the future by living your fullest now, by being fully present now.  There is no other way to plan for the future.  There is no other way to be at optimum health, now or in the future.  None.