23. Do you want to change the world to a moneyless world?

The moneyless world already exists, within us and all around us.  I envision the downfall of the delusion that money even exists outside the human mind.  I envision the downfall of the delusion that anybody owns anything.
All of the infinite universe around us exists without money.  Why don't we?  Already, our true selves exist without money.  Already, nobody owns anything.  Why can't we realize this simple truth?
Yes, your true self already lives moneyless.  Your self that lives with money is your false self, illusion.  Everytime you give something to somebody expecting nothing in return, you have returned to the moneyless world.  You have laid down your delusions and opened your eyes to the Reality that has already existed and always will.  Everytime you do something spontaneously, from your heart, without sense of debt (obligation), you have returned to the moneyless world, you have become Real.  You have returned to simple Trust.  Either be an imitation or be real.  That part of you who does things out of debt and out of desire for credit is the fake part of you, the part that acts from ulterior motivation.   
I know people thinking we need grand plans to restructure the world, to find and work up an alternative system to the money system.  Barter schmarter farter & all that, which is all just money under other masks.  However, the whole point of living moneyless is giving up control, giving up systems, and letting the Law of Nature take its course.  All of our efforts to find an alternative to the money system are in vain.  You can't create Utopia.  Utopia already exists.  And when you stop trying and stop looking for it, it comes.  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  The point is to give up effort and let work flow through you - work that is not your own.  Nothing is our own.  If you want to spread the Gospel of moneylessness, of Grace, then simply work from your heart, not from manipulation. 
Money is doing unto others that they may do unto you.  The Golden Rule is doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. 
 In other words, do, expecting nothing in return.