22. Do people harass you?

I get harassed by cops sometimes, especially when hitch-hiking or simply walking.  Simply walking is an odd thing nowadays.  When you don't have a car, you find you don't have equal rights with car-owners.  However, I've only gotten one ticket for hitch-hiking, in California.  

I get harassed at dumpsters now and then, usually by store owners & sometimes their employees.   

I've sometimes gotten cussed at, hooted at, & dirty looks from passers-by when I've been simply walking or hitching.  

I've gotten some negative comments from some friends & family, and some nasty emails & comments from strangers through my blog.  

I got booted out of a cave by a BLM ranger a couple years ago, plus a citation, which I did community service for.   

For the most part, though, I find that people respect me, including most cops.