13. Why don't mooches like you work?

 I might or might not work 
Why do you make assumptions about me, a man you've never met? 
It is no body's business to judge whether or not I work, and it is not my business to tell! Perhaps when I say the whole point of this lifestyle philosophy is to "freely give, freely receive," I am lying or being a con, and I only believe in receiving, not giving. Perhaps not.
The point of this path is to relinquish credit for work, as is proscribed in the Gospels, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao Te Ching, the Buddhist sutras, & the Quran. This means doing service in secret. Credit is money. Credit is praise. If I do service work & advertise it, my living moneyless is in vain.
I may be a lazy bum who does nothing, or maybe I'm not. It's not for me to say & it's not for you to judge.
Let me let folks in on a secret: life becomes splendidly beautiful when we stop judging (speaking assumption as fact), when we stop worrying about whether or not somebody we have never met might or might not be contributing work, and we do our own work and mind our own business!
What do you consider work?
Let's use a simple example.  If somebody is paid for taking photographs, you call them employed workers.  If somebody takes photographs for no pay, you call them playboys.  If you act for ulterior motivation, you call it work.  If you act from your heart you call it play.
So, then, let everybody play.  Let us see no distinction between work and play.  Only then will this society work.
Also, I ask, do you take more than you need? 
Why do those who take more than they need judge those who take only what they need or even less than they need?
You have no problem feeding your cat or your dog whose only work is usually just keeping you company, so why not feed your fellow human being, just or unjust, and not judge whether or not he or she is a mooch? 
And, some last questions:
Why do most goods flow from the poor to the rich, from the workers to the non-workers, from those who produce (laborers) to those who produce little (bankers and brokers and CEOs and landlords) as it has been ever since the beginning of money civilization? 
Why is it okay for a typical American child, who holds no job, to play with toys (or not play with them, because he has so many he is bored with them), the same toys which are made by a child overseas who works 15 hours a day in a sweatshop?  
Now tell me who are the moochers, and who is taking advantage of whom?