International Baptist Church
     "Living Vine" of Kyiv, Ukraine           

Becoming a unified, international community of faith
that worships God, teaches the Bible, fellowships as a body,
prays for one another, serves the world
and proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ!

Welcome to International Baptist Church "Living Vine" of Kiev, Ukraine! 
We invite you to join our international community of faith with a purpose:  
to reconcile all people together unto Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:19-20).

We invite you to join us on Sundays at 10:00 am. 
We meet near the Vyrlytsa Subway Station in the downstairs hall of Transformation Church on Verbeetskovo Street number 30-B.  Worship and sermons are in the English language.  But, translation into the Russian or Ukrainian languages is possible for our  guests.  Living Vine International Baptist Church welcomes people from all tribes, tongues, and nations!  

Sermon Series News:
We just started a ten week sermon series from the book of Joshua on "how to have spiritual success during the new year."  Joshua was given the responsibility to lead the people of Israel in their Promised Land.  There were many obstacles to overcome. There were many battles to fight.  How was Joshua able to be so successful during his day?  Come to church and find out how Joshua became successful and how we can become spiritually successful today.  

English Club News: 
We ask you to pray for God to provide enough volunteers to host another English club in the spring semester of 2014.  In order to teach 3 levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students we need about 6 volunteer teachers and helpers.  In order for our English club to remain "free" we must find volunteers willing to teach for "free."
г. Киев, Метро Вырлица, ул. Вербицкого, 30-Б, Церковь Преображение, нижний зал