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House Concert-Related Articles 

The Daily Camera 9/07

An article about the upcoming hearing in Boulder, CO regarding rule-making for house concerts in the case of Greg and Debbie Ching

Boulder Public Hearing -- proposed rules 9/07

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/07 

Commentary:  If Music Be Food of Life, Invite the Neighbors 

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 8/07 

House concert fund raiser for Lauri Ann West Library 

Dragonfire Magazine 3/07

A great article about house concerts with Q&A interviews

The Daily Camera 3/07

Cease and desist Order against the Chings upheld in Boulder

The Acorn 2/07

House concerts in California: Russ and Julie Paris

Houston Chronicle 8/06

House concerts in Houston

The Wave Magazine 6/06

House concerts in the Bay Area


Greg and Debbie Ching's ongoing cease and desist order fight in Boulder, CO