We are glad you have found us and thank you for your interest!

We are a Soto Zen Buddhist group (Sangha)  for the greater Mansfield, Ohio area.  We are a lay-led community here to support & welcome any or all interested in the path and teachings of the Buddha.

Current Sangha Monthly Schedule:
Next Special Event:
Sun. Sept. 23, 9a-5p 
Fall Hemlock Falls Zazenkai (Daylong Sitting Retreat)
Hemlock Falls Outdoor Education Ctr.,
5391 Bunkerhill North Road,
Butler, Ohio, 44822
Suggested Donation: $20 (payable day of)
All participants asked to bring covered dish for potluck lunch

"The Sangha is constituted by those people who ... are the companions of all those who seek to follow the Buddha's path. By virtue of their own practice, they are able to support the practice of others and help those who encounter problems... This is why the Sangha, the community of spiritual friends, is a proper refuge."
-Geshe Lhundub Sopa, 
"Steps On The Path To Enlightenment Vol 2"
Special Events Calendar:
Buddhist New Years Fire Ceremony

Spring Equinox (Higan-e) Daylong Sitting Retreat Zazenkai

Guest Teacher Visit

Fall Daylong Sitting Retreat (Zazenkai)

Blank Friday - 
(Mindfulness/ Meditation alternative option to Black Friday)

Rohatsu 1/2 Day Silent Sitting Retreat (Zazenkai)