Living Lively Services


At Living Lively, we offer:


·       Weekly Classes


We meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays for power packed and uplifting 1 hour classes. 


o   See Class Times and Locations link for details


·       Personal Training Sessions


We offer individualized, Personal Training sessions, designed to create specific fitness and nutrition plans for those who desire the more personal approach. 


The Personal Training sessions, can also accommodate those who cannot attend the regularly schedule Living Lively fitness class sessions

·       Women’s Fitness & Nutrition - Conference Workshops


Living Lively, has created the Women’s Fitness and Nutrition Workshops for women of all fitness levels.  The one and/or two day workshops are specifically designed to meet the health and fitness needs of the plus-size, sedentary and/or elderly woman. The low impact exercise sessions have been developed to burn fat, build muscle and get fit for HIS service.


·       Living Lively Institute - Training for the ‘Trainers’


Living Lively, Inc., is in the process of creating The Living Lively Institute which offers training workshops for those who would like to continue weekly classes with your local women’s group. The Institute’s training sessions will offer;


o   A DVD of a Living Lively low impact exercise session,


o   A training workshop complete with materials about; healthy eating, ministering to and supporting the group through the entire process as well as other related materials.   


The Living Lively Institute program is designed to ensure that your local group is able to continue to use the entire Living Lively Health & Fitness Program as you all continue your personal and collective journey toward burning fat, building muscle and getting fit.