Testimonials from Living Lively Class Members

posted Feb 23, 2011, 11:32 AM by Earl AJ

Testimonials from Living Lively Class Members


Sundays, at 2 pm in the Family Life Center

Faith Christian Church, Warrenton, VA


Hi Erva,


Thanks again for another great class!  I really do enjoy it.  I can feel in my mid-section that I did some planks yesterday! – not 1 set of 1 for 5 seconds like I did last week at home with my son - but multiple planks for a whole 20 seconds!! LOL


I still can’t get over how few of us there are in class.  Do you advertise?  I ask because I’m always looking for something to do and I did not know about your classes. I’m just so thankful that for whatever reason my friend felt inclined to lean over and whisper to me that you had a fitness company while we were at the baby shower. Do you have t-shirts for sale?  If so, I want one (I promise to hold in my stomach while wearing it J).


Thank God for you and for what you are doing.




 Morning Erva,

 I'm feeling good, I could tell that I had not used all of my muscles in awhile. I was actually surprised as I thought I would need an epson salt soak.



Good morning Erva!

 I just give God the Praise for bringing you into my life at this time … I had made a vow at the beginning of the year that things were going to change but had no idea how I was going to start that change. Thanks to ----- and---- bundles of joy, I was able to make contact with you.  My cousin got the information and passed it on!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!



Hey Lady Erva!  I am a bit sore but keep it moving by walking. I will be doing a walk DVD until we meet again. Again, I had a great time and Sundays work for me!  :o) I weighed myself for a starting point but I know that numbers don’t matter on that part, like you said. 



We had a awesome workout yesterday.

Love you much!