About Living Lively


Living Lively


The components of any Fitness and Nutrition program are very important.  At Living Lively, we try to make sure that you will receive all that you are looking for in a fitness program and more. 


The four (4) key components of Living Lively are:


1.     Self Discovery

We ask (in prayer) and seek to discover the real reasons that you desire to lose weight and / or begin to live a healthier lifestyle.  We want to make sure that you know “Why” you are doing, what you are doing, in order to make sure that the results will last. And not just for a fleeting moment.



2.     Discipline in Eating (Balance and Moderation)

 We also look at what you are eating, as well as why and how much.  Are you balancing the plate with foods that you like and those that are nutritious for you?  We are not looking for a “diet” plan, rather we are looking at what you are eating and then we determine the best approach toward eating those foods.



3.     Discipline in Exercise (Balance and Moderation)

We begin a process of learning how to workout properly by maximizing not only your time when working out, but learning how to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously.  The old adage of “No Pain, No Gain” does not apply to Living Lively participants



4.     Living Lively

We make a conscious “choice” to Live the Life that has been; PREpared, PREdestined, PREdetermined and PREarranged for us without ANY excuses.  And without allowing the past to dictate your future.