Bob Clayden

Wordwide Pinhole Photography day

29th Aprill 2018

Look at the new book from the camera

The Aviary Camera

Sun Cycle
part of the Plant,Life Cycle project
solargrams and words based at the Dewsbury Country Park

The Hobbits Journey

Pinhole  workshops


Shops on the Edge
A record of the sma...
By Bob Clayden
Photo book

Fine art photographer and Community artist

City Limits


The Big Book                                                                                   


 The black and white images are from the exhibition "Breakdown",  a cooperation with the poet Steve Powell. Each image is connected to different poems, all surrounding the abandonment of a large psychiatric hospital. now on exhibition at The Mentall health museum Fieldhead Hospital Wakefield West Yorkshire

These  young people are part  of the "Being Here " project in Southend on Sea working with disaffected young people on the streets of this seaside town.

Wood Wind Sun

A 12 m wood henge with silk banners  decorated  by  Cyanotype