Welcome to our Living Environment Page!

How This Class Is Different:

We use a flipped instruction model in our living environment course.  This means students take notes at home by watching videos for each objective.  Use the navigation tool bar on the left side to access the links to the videos for each unit.  For each unit students will post a reply on Edmodo based on the regents question provided.   

Extra Help:

You come after school for tutoring or to redo assignments.  You may retake Juno quizzes, writing assignments, and lab assignments with your teacher to get a higher score and demonstrate your grit! 
(homework and exams are the only assignments you can't redo)

Lab Requirements:

The Living Environment Regents is a New York State examination.  Students are required to complete at least 1200 minutes of satisfactory laboratory activities in order to sit for the exam.  Labs are done in class and on field trips.  If a student is absent they must complete a make-up lab. Make-up labs can be completed after school or during lunch.  See below for specifics times.

Tutoring Hours:

Hlentzas, Room 360: Lunch Fri; After School Tues and Thurs
Vilberg, Room 308: Lunch Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri; After School Tues and Thurs; Sat 9am-12noon