Living Devotion is a musically diverse ensemble with rich vocals as well as, tabla, violin harmonium, guitar, flute and manjerra. We have six full time members dedicated to bring the musical practice of bhakit yoga to both public and private events in the California Bay Area and beyond.

Living Devotion Musicians

Dayakar Das - Vocals, Harmonium, Guitar

       Dayakar Das (pronounced Duyukur Dus) brings his passion for the sacred into everything he does. His depth of devotion has been cultivated by engaging in Yogic practices for nearly three decades. Dayakar Das is a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Fulfillment Coach who is dedicated to assisting people in finding long-lasting happiness. He believes the key components to being truly happy can be found in Bhakti and Ashtanga Yoga practices and that it is possible to attain a consistent peaceful demeanor and inner happiness throughout ones life, despite the difficulties and challenges that may arise. He is welcoming of newcomers, supports diversity and is easy to approach for assistance and support. As a teacher he instructs with a light sense of humor and a depth deserving of the sacred path of love and awakening. His deepest desire is that all people are liberated from unnecessary suffering, find true happiness and experience the joy that comes from living in the present with an open, compassionate heart.

Andrew Fohner - Tablas, Percussion

        Andrew has been expressing himself musically through percussion instruments for over twenty years. At the young age of 11 Andrew was inspired with the music of Ravi Shankar and fell in love with sound of tabla. In 2007 he dedicated himself to the practice of this unique Indian instrument and gratefully found local tabla teachers to study with (Ashwin Batish and Steve Robertson). Andrew feels his devotion to the path of unconditional love and music as a healing art naturally led him to bhajans and the practice of kirtana. Andrew loves working with others to create musical atmospheres where anyone, from any walk of life, can relax, feel comfortable and free of judgement. His greatest delight is when this special space fills people with Spirit and moves them to sing, chant and dance expressions of their love with unrelenting passion.

Terre Lee - Violin, Vocals

    Terre began her violin studies in the realm of classical music at the young age of five. Although she has a profound love for this style of music her interest expanded upon meeting a devout Sufi Master. She finds the rich tones and warmth of Indian devotional music to be inspiring and uplifting and is dedicated to sharing music that assists participants to open their hearts and experience joy. Her playing can be appreciated on many levels from her musical precision to her ability to elicit emotional responses in the bodies of her listeners. Although Terre is dedicated to serving her community with violin and voice through the tradition of bhakti yoga her musical prowess allows her to work with musicians of any style. Terre is a teacher at Divinitree Yoga Studio in Santa Cruz California, teaches private music lessons and sits in with musicians, ensembles and bands as a free-lance violinist.

Vryannaia Sun - Vocals, Harmonium

        Ammora Grace is committed to the path of love.  In her devotion to the One, she enjoys chanting the beautiful names of God and is a lover of devotional music and bhajans. She has been practicing kirtana for over a decade and brings a profound reverence for the Divine into everything she does and every word she chants. Ammora's deepest wish is that all beings feel the love and the joy that they are, on the purest level.

Ann Cleveland - Vocals, Flute

And Friends
(People who sit in with us occasionally)

Narayan Deziel - Guitar

Narayan Deziel joined his first band when he was 16 and has been playing with various musicians and groups ever since. A rocker by predilection, he developed a love for simple, heartfelt music, during a visit to India. Having written, learned and internalized more than a thousand medicine songs, Narayan is a great support to many events that feature devotional music. His guitar has accompanied singers, ceremonies, kirtans and heart-song circles internationally for over 20 years. The depth in which Narayan immerses himself in the music  is evident in the listening; he is a wonderful accompaniment to any group and a joy to experience live.

Ronnie Ray - Guitar, Flute, Keyboards

Born in Oakland, California, Ronnie Ray began working as a sideman/guitarist and flutist in 1970 and has performed with ensembles in the California Bay Area as well as throughout America. Rays diversity and skill allows him to proficiently play with most any musical style or group, including: Rock, Blues, Latin, Funk, Gospel, Folk, West African, Reggae and Avant Garde. Rays expertise with music and instruments quickly began landing him opportunities for solo performances, which he has enjoyed for nearly four decades. Ronnie Ray has recorded with Billy Young (formerly with Earth, Wind and Fire), Kenneth Nash (formerly with Herbie Hancock), Weather Report, Lion of Juda, Rocker-T, and many more accomplished musicians. Rays personal style and solo work is heartfelt and draws the listener into a world of feeling and imagination.

Rachel Rohe - 

        Rachel has always loved to sing! Her very first childhood performances were in the pygmy forests of Mendocino, California. Her passion for singing lead her to major in music and vocal performance in college. After an opera program in Italy she felt disheartened by the competitiveness, the unoriginality, and the harsh judgments that existed within the classical music world. She discovered that perfection was not her goal. She did some soul searching and, through a series of events, discovered ayurveda and yoga. She has developed a holistic approach to singing and uses her knowledge of the human voice, ayurveda, and yoga to teach private vocal lessons that connect the body, mind and emotions. She sings from the pureness and love in her heart with the intention to heal, energize and inspire.

Kasia Kugay
 - Vocals

Kasia Kugay literally came from the womb belting and has been developing her pitch and tone ever since. She began singing in choir at the tender age of six and has since been praised for her velvety tone of voice and the instrumental quality she can lend to a vocal line. Her epiphany to share the musical gift more widely came through the daily practice of bhajans in the Shivananda Yoga lineage. Devotional singing has remained a cornerstone of her vocal practice ever since. When onstage with Living Devotion Kasia loves playing her part in lifting the collective energy of the room toward the graces of the Divine and calling on the love that resonates deep within our hearts. Kasia also performs her original songs throughout the West Coast as "Chicken Mama."

Richard Karst - Bass, Flute, Guitar, Vocals

 Rose Loveland - Vocals, Flute

Jesse Ward - Cello

Aruna - Vocals, Manjira

Hanna - Vocals

Adarsh - Vocals, Manjira, Harmonium

Mejda Das - Bass Guitar

Serenity - Vocals, Harmonium

Vanessa - Vocals

Eric deArtanha - Guitar, Bass