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        As a spiritual ensemble our mission is to be of assistance with our events and services without excluding participation due to financial hardship. We offer most all our musical services and events by donation. In cases where we have a large overhead to meet and must charge for services (such as special events, retreats, workshops and classes) we have a scholarship program to assist low-income community members.

        To continue to offer our high quality inspirational music based services and events to our community we must have community support. These events do come with a price tag even though we offer them to our community by donation. With your support we envision rising beyond just meeting our local expenses, we look forward to having the ability to take our ensemble to other communities and festivals outside of Santa Cruz and assisting the spread of Bhakti Yoga. 

        There are five ways you can support Living Devotion Music.

1. Make a financial contribution
2. Offer your time to selfless service
3. Contribute real goods (items on our wish list)
4. Become a sponsor
5. Patronize our sponsors

        Financial Contributing: Easy, just click the donate button or send us a check. Address
        Offering Service: Send us an e-mail or speak with us at one of our events. E-mail

        Contribute Goods: Contact us first before you purchase or bring us an item. Wish List

        Become a Sponsor

Individual Sponsor: You choose the level you would like to support Living Devotion Music each month and sign up for monthly contributions. You can easily do this with the PayPal button on this page. You can also ask us to send you a reminder and envelope each month by mail.

Business or Company Sponsor: If you own a business or company and would like to sponsor Living Devotion Music we have some lovely promotional opportunities for you. Please Click Here

        Patronize Our Sponsors
In our community model, supporting our supporters is the same as supporting us directly, as we are all connected. We are teaming up with conscious business' who are sustainably oriented and have a good humanitarian track record. Our Sponsors

        *Living Devotion is the musical ensemble of the Center for Devotional Living. The Center for Devotional Living is a registered church organization with the Federal Government. According to government law and I.R.S tax code pertaining to the separation of church and state, donations to church organizations are in most cases tax deductible. Please retain your receipt for tax records.