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Returning from India

posted Feb 6, 2017, 2:29 PM by C. Love

The funny thing is that when we had a long layover in Bangalore we decided to pass the time playing bhajans at the airport. In no time we were surrounded by curious Indians. I couldn't help but laugh... in the 60's Prabhupad sent his disciples to international airports to chant and expose the West to Krisna Consciousness. Now, in 2017, us Westerners were the only ones chanting at the Indian airport! 

This journey was powerful on so many levels, the least of which was the absolute confirmation that God is not Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist nor an exclusive member of any other religion. God can, of course, be found through these belief systems, however, God is beyond form, is eternal and omni-present and can take whatever form a devotee needs in order to support his or her spiritual practice. That's love....