Mission Statement


    The objective of our site is to educate our audience consisting of young adults to the late 30’s about the unsanitary living conditions in Indian slums. Currently, the living conditions in the slums are abominable; therefore, children are dying at a rapid rate. All generations are experiencing malnutrition and the slum-dwelling population has increased over the decades. We would like to illustrate to our readers how the slum-dwellers have been impacted, how the education system is not giving children the precious gift of learning they all deserve, the necessary support they need from their parents but do not receive, and the basic facilities to live a healthy life or live at all. With our presented information, we attached several links to organizations that are already volunteering to help the slums in India. We want to inspire people globally to aid and help cure the unsanitary conditions in Indian slums by educating them about the conditions and the life of a slum-dweller.