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umerology is defined as the study of the meanings of numbers. The word “occult” is usually connected with this study and others similar.  The word “occult” means “of or relating to supernatural influences.” 

It is knowledge that is considered beyond "general" human comprehension and, in the case of studying numerology; crystals; the tarot, runes, or astrology, secret and sacred knowledge is only available to the initiate who was admitted to an order through ceremony or ritual.

Numerology was practiced in many forms like the Kabbalah, the Chaldean and the Pythagorean methods. Modern Numerology is based on Pythagorean principles, Kabbalistic principles, or a combination of both.  Western Numerology is based on Pythagorean Principles, using the numbers one through 9 and placing each letter of the alphabet under each number.  The word “fox” is spelled out vertically under the number 6 if the letters were placed correctly.

As with words that have become associated with meanings through time of use, so have numbers.  People have assigned power or vibration to each from 1 through 9.  Some methods do not use all of them.  None of them use zero.  They are symbols just as words are.  Definitions were assigned to concepts.  Vibrations were assigned to numbers.

Numerology holds that each number has a specific vibration that is associated with the heavenly bodies’ in space.  The numbers, 1 through 9, have positive and negative qualities associated with them.  Personalities in show business, politicians, writers, and others have been profiled through their documented lives and careers as having reflected the power of the number derived from their birth dates.  Most numbers are single digits.  The last number 9, is considered a high spiritual number.  Double digit numbers 11, 22, and 33, are also considered high spiritual numbers.  All other double digit numbers are reduced to single digits.  

Birthdays are obviously special.  As a series of numbers, March 27, 1927 is 3271927. If the digits are added together to form a double digit, or single digit number such as 9, it holds energy for the bearer.

Other significant dates like meetings, engagements, accomplishments, and weddings trigger positive feelings.  Seeing a number of significance can invoke thoughts and feelings that are positive.  Take those thoughts and feelings and transfer them to something that is desired repeatedly.  This process can help you achieve your intentions.

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Numbers can be designed to be displayed on your altar in several ways.  You can obtain or create a sculptured number.  Rather than the obvious, a number can be reflected in a quantity of like or similar objects like 3 geode stones of different or the same minerals in different colors or the same color. 

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