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Creative Individuals
with Asperger's Syndrome
The Gallery below represents the true face of the Asperger's/autistic spectrum - individuals of all ages, from all over the world, who overcome stereotypes and inspire with their stories, expressed through their unique creative voices and an impressive variety of skills.   

Thank you to those who have generously shared their work.        
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Creative IndividualsTalent/Skill/ExpertiseNew Jersey
Creative IndividualsTalent/Skill/ExpertiseNew Jersey
Kaitrin Beachey Artist Ontario, Canada 
Anie Knipping Artist, MultiMedia NJ, USA 
Donna Williams Artist, Photographer, Sculptor, Musician, Screenwriter Melbourne, Australia 
Steve Selpal Artist, Sculptor Florida, USA 
Jane Meyerding Bear Maker, Writer USA 
David Beresford Caricature Artist Ontario, Canada 
Alan Pinto Chess Instructor CT, USA 
Tara Kimberley Torme Embroidery, Textiles  
Daina Krumins Filmmaker, Woodturner, Writer NJ, USA 
Michael John Carley Musician NY, USA 
Nicole D'Angelo Musician NJ, USA 
Stephen Mallon Musician, Composer, Architect, Web Developer, 3D Illustrator PA, USA 
Kimberly Gerry-Tucker Painter, Author, Decoupage, Woodcarver, Mosaics CT, USA 
Alan Goldberg Photographer New Jersey 
William Jolliffe Photographer London, U.K. 
Tracey Sunderland Photographer, Scientist NJ, USA 
Patty Quinn Photography NJ, USA 
terri a. Poetry USA 
Showing 18 items