An online creative community for individuals with Asperger's Syndrome.

Moving the face of Asperger's Syndrome from Pathology to Potential

Although the term “Asperger’s Syndrome” is relatively recent, there have always been individuals with those traits.   Many have excelled in their fields of interest.    What can we learn from mature individuals who have lived satisfying lives before or without a diagnosis?   

Creative activities and interests

  • help adults find their voice and express their unique potential and perspectives - see Gallery and Biographies
  • help children find their own voice,  support neurological development, easily integrated with conventional therapies
  • practice executive skills within the creative process
  • form friendship and community through shared interests
  • provide opportunities to develop special interests with potential career benefits.
  • practice principles of Positive Psychology (paths to resilience and happiness).

"Different ways of thinking –  have to get away from verbal language.     Details...hands on  Sensory based thinking.      We’ve got to work on developing all these different kinds of minds.     Show kids interesting stuff.     Get these kids turned on.     Work with these kinds of minds – we will need them in the future.      

Mentors are essential to ‘light the spark’."               Temple Grandin  


All Kinds of Minds - Temple Grandin