Visitor's Pass

Create a Visitor's Pass for your Portfolio
  • You can choose to grant a "visitor's pass" to anyone you would like to have view your portfolio.
  • First, create a Visitor's Pass from the Quick Links box on the front page of LiveText login page. 
  • Go to "Quick Links" on the right of your screen and click on "Visitor Passes."
  • You can also click  the "Visitor Passes" tab under "Tools."

  • Click on add +New button.
  • Create a Visitor's Pass Title for your Portfolio.  Give this visitor's pass a name that you can use for anyone you want to invite to view your portfolio. (i.e. My Name Teaching Portfolio)
  • You will see a list of visitor passes that you have created.
  • Copy the "Visitor's Pass identification number 
  • You will share this number when you invite a visitor to view your portfolio

To Share with Your Visitor
  • Go back to the portfolio you want to share
  • Click to open the portfolio
  • Click on "Share" 
  • Click on "Advanced Sharing Options"
  • You will need to click on "shared 
  • Click on the "Visitors" tab

  • Check the box to the left of the Visitor Pass
  • Check your Advanced Access Options and click on "Shared" to make sure your visitors will be able to view your portfolio
  • Click "Save and Finish"
  • If you don't mark your portfolio share, the visitor will get this error message.

  • If you have been invited to view a portfolio, you will receive a visitor's pass passcode key.
  • Go to and click on "Use Visitor Pass."
  • Enter the Pass Code you were given.
  • Click on the green "Visitor Pass Entry" button.

  • Click on the portfolio you wish to view.