Uploading Artifacts into the Portfolio

  Edit a Section in your Portfolio
  • Click on Edit to Begin
  • You have all the typical edit functions of a word processor. 
  • You can change fonts, sizes, color, alignment, etc.
  • You can also insert images within the textbox, insert "hot" links to a URL, insert a YouTube video of your teaching, and link to another LiveText Document you have stored in your own account.

Insert Tools within the Textbox
Insert Image

Insert Link

Insert YouTube

Insert Link to other LiveText Document

Insert a File Attachment From your Computer or File Manager
  • Documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to your portfolio either directly from your computer or from the file manager. 
  • To upload from your computer, select Browse your computer to upload and locate your file.
  • All file and image attachments will be stored in the File Manager.  
  • You can also add your attachments directly from the File Manager. See Below.
  • If you have already uploaded a file as a signature assignment in one of your courses, that file will be listed in the file manager.
  • Recommended: Upload files to the file manager throughout your program, even if they aren't signature assignments.  It's a great place to store your work!

Insert an Image or a File Attachment
  • You can also choose to upload an image from your computer or from your file manager.
  • You will want to re-size your images for the web.  Try to stay under 500 pixels for web viewing.  Save as .gif or .jpg files.  See photo editors.  Picasa is free, but also look to see what's included on your own computer.  Windows computers generally have "Paint" under the accessories section.
  • At the bottom of the page, below your textbox, you will see options of inserted file or inserted image.  Click on "Edit."

Browse  Your Computer to Upload Files and Images
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select either "Inserted File" or "Inserted Image"
  • Click on "Edit" to Search for the file or image you want to upload.
  • For Files - Locate the file (document, Adobe Acrobat pdf, PowerPoint, etc.) on your own Computer or usb drive.
  • For Images - Locate the graphic file you want to upload if you select image. (gif, jpeg (jpg), ping (png)
  • For Windows, select Documents.  It's a good idea to create a file folder with all of your course files and images so you can always find them!
  • You may wish to save Images in your Pictures folder.
  • Click on the Appropriate Folder and Locate the File or Image you want to upload.

Upload Image

Uploading from the File Manager
  • You can upload the image or the file attachment from the file manager.  
  • All previous signature assignments are stored in your own personal LiveText file manager.
  • Scroll down to file manager and select file from list.
  • Click on "Add" to upload file from your file manager.
  • Locate your file and "Add" it from your File Attachment Menu.
  • Use the Search or Search by Date

Inserting Text, Artifacts, Images, and Web Links Directly into Text Box

You can also upload artifacts, link to resources, and write your reflections for each standard within the text box.  If you are uploading academic APA papers, you will want to upload the document file in order to not lose the proper formatting for references, etc.  You may wish to type brief introductory statements or use a bulleted list to outline what you have included in your artifact file attachments rather than copy/pasting full text of a document.  Although the reflection section is first, you will want to wait and add your reflection after you've collected your artifacts as evidence of your proficiency with each standard.  You can attach images and files (documents, presentations, spreadsheets, videos, etc.) to the text box.  
  • You will type, insert images, attach files, add weblinks, etc. in the section edit text box.
  • You have the typical editing options: fonts, font sizes, font style, colors, alignment, numbered or bulleted lists, etc
  • You can type directly into the text box or you can copy/paste from Word.  
  • Remember that you can only copy/paste text.  Images will need to be inserted or attached.
Embedding Presentations and Videos

For how to embed videos, presentations, and Prezis into your LiveText portfolio, go to https://sites.google.com/site/livetexttutorials/embedding-video