Submitting your Portfolio

Attention: This is the new process for submitting your work in LiveText.  The process changed in fall off 2012.  View the video from LiveText on how to Submit an Assignment from the Dashboard.  

 Quick Steps: 
    1. Click on Red Button “Begin Assessment” button that corresponds with the portfolio assignment
    2. Click on “Attach Files” (Step 2 on the screen)
    3. Click on the “LiveText Document” tab
    4. Click on “Browse” to locate the portfolio in your LiveText documents
    5. Click on Green Button “Attach Selected Files”
    6. Click on Red Button “Submit Assignment” (Step 3 on screen) 

              You can submit your portfolio if it is listed as an assignment in your course.  You can submit the portfolio "document" just as you would any other assignment document.  The instructor will grade your submission with a rubric within LiveText.  If your portfolio is not an assignment and there is no way to submit, go to "share your portfolio."  Often, the LiveText portfolio is in progress and considered a "draft."  In the credential program, you will be building your portfolio throughout the program.  You will not officially submit until your "exit" from the program.   In the ECD program, your final portfolio is not completed until EDUU465.  But you will continue to add to your portfolio throughout the program as well.

              • From within the Dashboard, look for the course and the portfolio assignment.
              • You will see both the first week template assignment and the week 8 final portfolio submission assignment.
              • In week 1, use the week 1 assignment submission.
              • In week 8, use the final submission assignment.

              • Click on "Begin Assignment"  

              • Click on "Attach Files" 

              • Choose LiveText Documents, browse for your document (portfolio) in the search box below.  
              • When the document (portfolio) is located, place a checkmark into the box next to the title.  

              • You will see your portfolio listed under "Attached Files"
              • You can delete your submission if you want to make revisions and improvements before submitting by clicking on the red button with the white "x".
              • If may continue to edit your portfolio in the documents section of "MY Work" or you can click on "Continue Assignment"
              • When you are finished and ready to submit, click on the red "Submit Assignment" button.

              Withdrawing an Assignment Submission

              • If you want to withdraw your submission, click on the "withdraw submission" button 
              • Until the instructor begins grading your submission, you have the ability to take it back and resubmit.
              • If you receive a message that indicates that your instructor has started grading your assignment, email your instructor and request that he/she undo the assessment so you can try again.

              Send for Review or Share your Portfolio
              • Click on Instructions for Sending for Review and Sharing
              • In some classes, you may be submitting a draft or incomplete version of your portfolio since the final is to be submitted later.  In that case, you can send the portfolio for review or share your portfolio.
              • Use “Send for Review” for a portfolio that is being assessed by reviewers.
              • Use “Share” for a portfolio that is being viewed or shared.

              Submitting an Assignment from the Course Page

              • The Submission Area can also be reached from the Course page.
              • From the Dashboard view, locate the course names listed on the right side of the page.  
              • Click the title of the course in which the assignment is located.
              • From the Course page, Click on the Assignments Tab to view a list of the assignments for that course.

              Quick Instruction Map:  Copying Portfolio Template to your LiveText Documents Section

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              Carla Piper,
              Nov 16, 2012, 7:13 PM