Submitting your Portfolio

Attention: The LiveText look and feel changed as of Jan. 11, 2016.  Processes are still very similar, but the screenshots have changed.  I am updating these screenshots as soon as I can. CP

LiveText Docs: My Work

Your portfolio "lives" with your LiveText account.  Once you download the template, you can continue to work on it until you feel it is ready to submit.   In EDUU 551, you submit the beginning introduction section of your technology portfolio in the first week.  You will continue to work on it until the final week when you submit the finished portfolio with all standards sections completed.

You can submit your portfolio if it is listed as an assignment in your course.  You can submit the portfolio "document" just as you would any other assignment document.  The instructor will grade your submission with a rubric within LiveText.  If your portfolio is not an assignment and there is no way to submit, go to "share your portfolio."  Often, the LiveText portfolio is in progress and considered a "draft."  In the credential program, you will be building your portfolio throughout the program.  You will not officially submit until your "exit" from the program.   

  • From within the Dashboard, look for the course and the portfolio assignment.
  • You will see both the first week template assignment and the week 8 final portfolio submission assignment.
  • For EDUU 551 use the week 1 assignment submission box for the initial introductory submission and in week 8, use the final portfolio submission assignment.
  • If may continue to edit your portfolio in the documents section of "My Work" or you can click on "Continue Assignment"

Portfolio Submission from the Dashboard


 Quick Steps: 
    1. Click on Red Button “Begin Assignment” button that corresponds with the portfolio assignment
    2. Click on “Attach Files” (Step 2 on the screen)
    3. Click on the “LiveText Docs” tab
    4. Click on “Browse” to locate the portfolio in your LiveText documents
    5. Click on Green Button “Attach Selected Files”
    6. Click on Red Button “Submit Assignment” 

              Attaching a LiveText Document (Portfolio, Project, etc.)

              • If you are submitting a file you have saved in your LiveText Documents (typically a portfolio or class project template), click on the "LiveText Documents"
              • Click on the check box to the left of the assignment/portfolio you wish to submit for grading from your LiveText Documents list.

              • Click on "Attach"
              • Your LiveText Document will be in the Attachment list.
              • You can continue to attach additional LiveText documents and add comments if you wish.
              • Click on red "Submit Assignment" button.

              • View your File Submission.
              • In the example below, both the LiveText Portfolio Document and a file uploaded by browsing to locate on a computer have been attached.  You can attach additional items.

              Submit Portfolio Video 

              YouTube Video

              Awaiting Assessment
              • Review the "Attached Files" listed
              • You may include comments if you wish
              • Submit by clicking on the red Submit Assignment button at the bottom of the scree

              • Once you have submitted your assignment, you will see the "Awaiting Assessment" yellow button.
              • This means that the assignment has been submitted and you are waiting for your instructor to complete the assessment
              • Some assessments may give you the option to withdraw your submission. (See below)

              View Assessment

              • Once your assignment has been assessed, you will see the "Assessment Published" and you can "View Assessment." 
              • You can then view your instructor's assessment of your work.  
              • Some assessment may be purposefully set so you can not view them.

              Withdraw Assignment Submission

              • If you want to withdraw your submission, click on "show more" and then click on the "withdraw submission" button 
              • If you receive a message that indicates that your instructor has started grading your assignment, email your instructor and request that he/she undo the assessment so you can try again.