Submitting Assignments in LiveText

Attention: This is the new process for submitting your work in LiveText.  The process changed in fall off 2012.  View the video from LiveText on how to Submit an Assignment from the Dashboard for a walk-through of the process.  If you are using a portfolio template in LiveText, go to this site for a more complete tutorial -

 Quick Steps: 
    1. Click on Red Button “Begin Assignment” button that corresponds with the portfolio assignment
    2. Click on "Upload" 
    3. "Browse" to locate your file on your computer.
    4. Click on "Attach"
    5. Click on Red Button “Submit Assignment” 

              Beginning an Assignment from the Dashboard 

              Use this option when you are completing your assignment on your computer and then submitting a document, pdf, spreadsheet, PowerPoint or other standard application file.
              • Complete your assignment as directed in your Blackboard course shell.  When you are finished with the assignment, save it as a file on your computer.  Remember where you saved it!
              • From the Dashboard, click the Begin Assignment button that corresponds with the assignment to be submitted.
              • Begin Assignment to attach your assignment file/s.
              • If you are attaching the file from your computer or usb drive, select "Upload"

              Step 1: Review the Assignment Details and Instructions (some course may only have a title).


              • Click on "Attach"    
              • Click on the red "Submit Assignment" button.
              • Confirm by clicking on "OK"

              • View your File Submission

              Attaching a LiveText Document (Portfolio, Project, etc.)

              • If you are submitting a file you have saved in your LiveText Documents (typically a portfolio or class project template), click on the "LiveText Documents"
              • Click on the box to the left of the assignment/portfolio you wish to submit for grading

              • Click on "Attach"
              • Your LiveText Document will be in the Attachment list.
              • You can continue to attach additional LiveText documents and add comments if you wish.
              • Click on red "Submit Assignment" button.

              Submitting from the File Manager

              Awaiting Assessment
              • Review the "Attached Files" listed
              • You may include comments if you wish
              • Submit by clicking on the red Submit Assignment button at the bottom of the scree

              • Once you have submitted your assignment, you will see the "Awaiting Assessment" yellow button.
              • This means that the assignment has been submitted and you are waiting for your instructor to complete the assessment
              • Some assessments may give you the option to withdraw your submission. (See below)

              View Assessment

              • Once your assignment has been assessed, you will see the "Assessment Published" and you can "View Assessment." 
              • You can then view your instructor's assessment of your work.  
              • Some assessment may be purposefully set so you can not view them.

              Withdraw Assignment Submission

              • If you want to withdraw your submission, click on "show more" and then click on the "withdraw submission" button 
              • If you receive a message that indicates that your instructor has started grading your assignment, email your instructor and request that he/she undo the assessment so you can try again.