Revising an Assessment

  • If you need to change a grade, correct an error in the rubric, add comments, or generally revise your assessment, begin by "undoing" your assessment.
  • Note that if you do not "undo assessment," you will not be able to edit the rubric or add/revise your comments.  You will need to undo the previous published assessment so that you can make changes and then resubmit.
  • Go back to your active assignments.  If this assignment is from a previous term, click on the "view previous term" link at the top right of your screen.
  • Click on the assignment status bar (the 3-colored bar with each student listed).
  • Click on each student in the "green" submitted section.
  • Undo the assessment.
  • Click on the Assessment Rubric.
  • Redo the rubric.
  • Resubmit.
  • This will move the assignment from the "green" bar back to the yellow "awaiting assessment" bar.  You will then be able to re-edit your rubric assessment.
  • Click on "Assignments" to view assignment submissions.
  • You will then see the student's assignment in the "yellow" column.
  • Click on the "yellow" to view and grade.
  • The "green" indicates that the assignment has already been graded.
Submission Status Indicators
  • Red - Awaiting Submission
  • Yellow - Awaiting Assessment
  • Green - Completed

  • When you have finished revising your assessment, make sure you have clicked on the cells and a point total has been generated in the bottom right corner of the rubric.  Data are not generated from the points textbox, but from the highlighting of cells.

  • Submit the assessment when you are finished.  
  • The "save" allows you to save your work when you are not finished with the complete assessment.

Request Resubmission
  • Note, that you can also request that a student resubmit.  
  • Students may have sent the wrong file, or you may have deleted the assignment in your course LiveText dashboard. 
  • Select "Request Resubmission"