Instructors: Grading Signature Assignments

Faculty Role in Signature Assignment Grading for Assessment and Accreditation
  • Set up a LiveText account using the faculty code (there is no fee for doing so)
  • Score signature assignments in your course by using the rubric in LiveText 
  • Highlighting the appropriate rubric cell for each criteria in each row.
  • Grade the assignment in LiveText by highlighting cells.
  • Instructor will also need to enter the grade in Blackboard grade center.
How will I know when an assignment has been turned in to LiveText?

Dashboard Active Assignments
  • Active Assignments/Active Documents Open on Dashboard.
  • When students submit an assignment, "yellow" indicates that the assignment is ready to view and grade.
  • The "green" indicates that the assignment has already been graded.
  • Click on the colored line to get student listing.
Submission Status Indicators
  • Red - Awaiting Submission
  • Yellow - Awaiting Assessment
  • Green - Completed Assessment

Example Below: 
  • 3 students have submitted assignments in LiveText. 
  • Click on each student and begin assessment by grading their work using the LiveText rubric.
  • Click on Student Name
  • If the assignment is an attached file, click to open the file to view or download to your computer.
  • If the assignment is a LiveText document (like a portfolio) scroll down to view.

  • Click on Assessment Rubrics
  • Complete the Rubric: Highlight the appropriate cells in each row/column with your mouse.
  • You may also include comments for each criteria by clicking on the "call-out"
  • Don't skip any rows and check the final points in the bottom right corner to make sure the data is being generated

  • The highlighted cells provide the data needed for assessment.  Look at the total score at the bottom right of the rubric.

  • After highlighting the cells in your rubric, you can add a grade and a general comment.  However, those numbers or comments do not become part of the LiveText data system.  In some cases, your grade may be NA since the rubric is not being returned to the student.

  • Click on the green Submit Assessment when you have completed the highlighting of the cells and added a grade and comments.

  • If the assignment submission is the wrong file or the student has sent in an incorrect or incomplete assignment, the instructor can request a resubmission.

Other Views in LiveText

  • Click on "Assignments" to view assignment submissions.
  • Example: 1 student has not submitted, 3 students have submitted and are awaiting assessment, and 1 student has been assessed.

  • Click on "Students" to view students in the class.  Students in "red" have not yet registered for LiveText. 

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