Instructors and Supervisors: Professional Dispositions Inventory

  • From your LiveText dashboard you will see any “active assignments” for the term.

  • Click on the name of the assignment you would like to evaluate  - “Professional Dispositions Inventory”
  • Student will not see your name as the assessor or the results of this assessment.  
  • The results will be forwarded to the Dean and Associate Dean for review. Typically, an action plan will be formulated for students with "Cause for Concern."  

  • Click on the assignment title you will be able to view an “assignment description”
  • To fill out the rubric and click on the “Submission and Grading” tab
  • To evaluate a specific student click on the student’s name.

  • Click on Assessment Rubric (Blue Button) and a rubric will appear

  • Click on the specific cells of the rubric that indicate what score you would like to give in each category. 
  • The cells will turn blue when selected. 
  • If you give a “Cause for Concern” for any disposition please provide an explanation by clicking on the call-out icon next to the disposition. A comment box will appear and you will be able to type your explanation.
 Use Call-out to Explain Cause for Concern

Please explain any "cause for concern" categories so that the Dean, Associate Dean, or Faculty can develop an action plan for students who need to improve in any of the professional dispositions areas. Include comments that will help faculty guide students toward improvement.

  • Once you have finished marking the rubric you mark N/A in the grade box since this is not a graded assignment. 
  • When you are done you click the “Submit Assessment” Button. 
  • Students will not be able to view your rubric. 

  • Completed rubrics show up the green “completed” category

  • If you make a mistake in your scoring you can click on the student name in the green category and then click the “undo assessment” button and the student’s name will go back to the “awaiting assessment” category in yellow and you will be able to make any changes necessary.