EDUU552/563/564 Technology Leadership Portfolio

In EDUU 552, 563, and 564, you will build your portfolio based on ISTE-NET-C for Technology Coaches in LiveText. The template available under Brandman University portfolios is called: MAE in Tech - 
Technology Leadership Portfolio. The final portfolio will be due in EDUU564, but you will want to get started in EDUU552. You can use some of the same artifacts that you used in EDUU551 - Based on ISTE NETS-T Standards for Teachers.  See ISTE NETS-C standards at: or DOWNLOAD THE PDF.
  1. Register for LiveText
  2. Login and Get Started
  3. Copying the Template
  4. Create your Portfolio (from Scratch)
  5. Building the Framework Based on ISTE NETS Standards
  6. Creating Pages for Each Standard
  7. Creating Sections for Each Page
  8. Managing Sections for Each Page
  9. Uploading Artifacts in the Portfolio
  10. Uploading Resources
  11. Writing Reflections
  12. Standards
  13. Submitting your Portfolio
  14. Sharing your Portfolio
  15. Viewing a Portfolio with a Visitor's Pass
  16. Uploading Artifacts in File Manager
  17. Linking to Another LiveText Portfolio or Project
  18. Other LiveText Tutorials
  19. Video Tutorials
LiveText Website Resources
  1. Student Help Center
  2. Student FAQs
  3. Faculty Help Center

LiveText Statement on all the Syllabus

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