EDUU 510: Beginning your Professional Teaching Portfolio

Starting Your Portfolio in LiveText 

  • Click on the Documents tab.

  • Click on + New

  • Click on the dropdown arrow under Folder.
  • Locate the CA: Brandman University Folder
  • Click on the dropdown arrows under Portfolio Templates

  • Click on the title of the template needed for your program.
  • For this program your template is called: Professional Teaching Portfolio
  • Since you will be creating your own copy of the template you will need to name it in the Title textbox. You can personalize the name (Example: Joe Smith’s Profssional Teaching Portfolio)

  • Click on the “Save as New Document” green button
  • The template will now be saved under your documents tab and you will be able to access it and add to it throughout your program

Setting up a style for your portfolio:

1.  Click on the “apply style” icon at the top of your page

2.  Select the style you would like to use

3.  Click on “+Insert Selected Style Set”

To add items to your portfolio:

You are able to add text, images and attach files to your portfolio.

1.  Click on the edit button to the right of the section of your portfolio you want to work on

2.  Editing Options:

            a.  Text- Type or cut and paste text into the textbox

            b.  Images- To insert and image Click on “Insert an image” and then + upload new file

            c.  File Attachments- To insert a file click on “ File attachment” and then +upload new file

3.  Click “Save Changes” after you have added documents and images

4.  Click on “Save and Finish” when you are done

To Submit the Portfolio in this class:

  • Go to the Submit Portfolio Tutorial for a more detailed step by step process.
  • From within the Dashboard, click the "Begin Assignment” button that corresponds with the assignment to be submitted in this case the Professional Teaching Portfolio. 
  • Click on the red Begin Assignment button 
  • This will take you to a 3-step process for reviewing, attaching, and submitting your assignment
Step 1: Review the Assignment Details and Instructions (some course may only have a title).

Submitting a LiveText Document or Portfolio

Step 2: Submitting a LiveText Portfolio (LiveText Portfolio or Assignment Created with a LiveText Template)
  • Click on the LiveText Documents Tab

  • Click on the check box to the left of the assignment/portfolio you wish to submit for grading
  • Click on "Attach Selected Files."
  • Click “Submit Assignment” and the assignment status will transition to Awaiting Assessment and the instructor will now be able to assess the assignment submission

  • You will see your attached file.  You can remove it by clicking on the "x"
  • You can include comments about your submissions.
  • Don't forget to click on Submit Assignment.

Note:  After an assignment has been submitted, the submission cannot be retracted.  The instructor must  Request Resubmission in order for submission to be made for this assignment.