Early Childhood Portfolios

The portfolio for the Early Childhood Development (ECD) BA program is based on the NAEYC Professional Standards for Students.  You will receive a template that you can copy and keep in your LiveText documents section for future classes.  Continue to add to your portfolio throughout your program.  You can also build the basic framework for this portfolio yourself.  Once you customized your template or built the portfolio framework, you will continue to add artifacts as you move through your program. Your EDUU321, EDUU325, and EDUU330.  In your final capstone course, EDUU465, you will complete your portfolio for your final assessment from the program.
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Using the Early Childhood Capstone Portfolio with a Pre-Made Template
If you are using the template for your portfolio and uploading your artifacts, reflections, and resources, use these instructions.

  1. Copying the Template
  2. Customizing the Style of your Portfolio
  3. Uploading Artifacts in the Portfolio
  4. Uploading Resources
  5. Writing Reflections
  6. Standards

Submitting the Portfolio
  1. Submitting your Portfolio
  2. Sharing your Portfolio
  3. Viewing a Portfolio with a Visitor's Pass
  4. Linking to Another LiveText Document or Technology Portfolio

Upload Artifacts in the File Manager
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