Copying the Template from the Documents Tab

Video Walk-Through - Downloading the template, uploading artifacts and resources, and submitting the LiveText Portfolio

Beginning Fall 2, 2017, copy the following Brandman LiveText template to your own LiveText account:

EDUU 551 Technology Portfolio for Educators – 2017

YouTube Video

  • You can copy, rename, and customize your portfolio in your LiveText documents templates section under "LiveText Docs."  The templates are found in the Brandman Portfolio Templates folder.
  • Click on + New.
  • You will be copying the template to your own LiveText account.  It will appear under "LiveText Docs" under the "My Work" tab. Your work is only viewed in your own LiveText account unless you submit it as an assignment or choose to "Share" or "Send for Review."

  • Click on the dropdown arrow under Folder.
  • Locate the CA: Brandman University Folder
  • Click on the Portfolio Templates menu
  • Click on the program or course portfolio you want to save to your own LiveText account.

  • Locate the portfolio template you want to use.
    • EDUU 510 Credential Portfolio - Use the Professional Teaching Portfolio
    • EDUU 551 - Use the template called EDUU 551 Technology Portfolio for Educators - 2017
    • ARTU 450 - Use the template called ARTU 450 Portfollio Template.
    • Locate the template you want to copy to your own LiveText account.  This list of templates changes frequently depending on various portfolio or projects assigned for your course or program.

  • You will see the Template Menu on the right of your screen.
  • Check to make sure you selected the correct template for your class.

  • Once you have selected the correct portfolio template, name your portfolio by giving it a "Title" 
  • Type the Title in the Title textbox.
  • You will save your new portfolio in your own documents folder.
  • Your portfolio "document" will stay in your account throughout all of your coursework since it is not tied to a specific class.
  • Click on "Save as New Document"
Name your Portfolio
  • Generally you would include your name in your title.
  • This portfolio will be a part of your "Document" work space in LiveText.
  • You can save a copy of your portfolio template as a backup at any time.
  • You can give your copy a new name and edit the portfolio for a different class or program as needed.
  • You can change the style or add different content to different versions of your portfolio
  • When you are ready for your final exit portfolio, you will copy and customize that final portfolio for you exit interview and evaluation.
Important - From here on out, all edits and additions you make to your portfolio will be made through the Documents tab.  

LiveText Docs
  • Always Work from the Livetext Docs Tab
  • You will find your portfolios listed under "My Work."

Making a Copy of your Portfolio
  • Click on "Copy" icon to create a new copy of the portfolio template with a different name
  • You will then see your new portfolio in your documents list.
  • Click to open the portfolio and begin to customize the settings and edit the pages and sections of the portfolio.
Delete Your Portfolio or other LiveText Doc
  • You can also choose to delete your portfolio or LiveText document by clicking on the box to the left of the doc you want to delete. 
  • Click on "Delete."

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