Common Rubric Grading Errors in LiveText

  • Did you forget to click on the proper cell that identifies the level of proficiency for each rubric criteria or category?  This will result in a “0” with no assessment data in LiveText.  
  • Even though you have a point score and comments, no data will be generated in LiveText for assessment. 
  • Even if you entered a final grade with points and comments, no data will be generated unless you have clicked to highlight the proper cell.  
  • Check to see if points are recorded in the bottom right corner of the rubric.
  • Problems also occur when the instructor does not scroll down through the entire rubric to highlight to correct column or row.
  • Errors due to Browser security setup problems?  See below!

Click on the cell for the proficiency level in each category before publishing.

How do I go back and fix my error?

  • Click on “View Rubric Scores” to see if you highlighted the cells on one of your students. If you have submitted scores, but not highlighted the rubric cells, “Undo Assessment” for each student. 

  •  This will move the assessment to the yellow “Awaiting Assessment” Section.  You can then redo the assessment by selecting the student you will reassess. 

  • Click to view the “Assessment Rubric” and highlight the rubric cells indicating the level of proficiency for each student in each category. Check to see that the correct points appear at the bottom right of the rubric before submitting.


Resubmit the Assessment

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  • Instructor has technical problems with the browser that results in the highlighting of cells “not taking” or not to LiveText? 
  • The grade and comments may be there, but no data are submitted
  • Security settings that are set too high may block your submission and make it impossible to save the completed rubric with highlighted cells. This would also result in “0” with no assessment data in LiveText.
  • Reported errors have occurred with Firefox, so you may need to try another browser – Internet Explorer or Chrome.
  • If the highlighting is not saving properly, check your internet tools and settings to make sure you allowing content and not accidentally blocking popups or content in your browser. 
  • Check your saved assessments to make sure the rubric cells are highlighted for each criteria and level of competency. Make sure the points are recorded in the bottom right corner of the rubric. If you see zero points, the assessment will provide zero data.

No Student Signature Assignment Submission 
  • Instructor publishes an empty rubric assessment for a student who did not actually submit the signature assignment in LiveText.  
  • This results in either incomplete or inaccurate data.  
  • If a student does not submit in LiveText, instructor should not assess in LiveText.  
  • Student should be given a zero on the grade, but no data should be entered in LiveText.
Carla Piper,
Nov 16, 2012, 6:59 PM