Community Outreach

For 2013, our team will be working with a number of different Front Range cancer centers to engage in community outreach. As part of our outreach activities, we will be working with these groups to get the word out about the benefits of exercise (and specifically bike riding) to help patients and their families during their treatment and as part of their post-treatment recovery care. We will also be doing the standard, jack of all trades volunteering - stocking supplies, providing a friendly face in the infusion center, calling to remind people of appointments. Whatever it takes to help people navigate through their treatment.

  • Exempla Saint Joseph Comprehensive Cancer Center The Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center (ESJH CCC) not only gives you the best medical care possible, it offers you the education and support you'll need to successfully manage your way through this disease and the journey it may take you on. They will be your partners, your confidant, your teacher, your shoulder to cry on, your hope and your healers. Together - with hope and healing - they will battle your cancer.

  • Imerman’s Angels. This is a national organization that provides a 1-to-1 connection between cancer patients and cancer survivors that volunteer to provide support to cancer patients and their families. This organization may be a good mechanism we can leverage to enable our team members to give back to the cancer community by supporting other cancer patients in their care and recovery. We’re early in the relationship with this organization so we’ll update you on activities over the next couple of months.

We are always looking to find more opportunities where we can provide volunteer energy to help cancer survivors. If you know of an organization that could benefit from our volunteering, please contact us!