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friends with benefits and hot relationship

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Between chat and talk we discovered that we were the same age and went to a school near ours. My friends as typical teenagers showed superiority and let see the rivalry between bands sex shows live . With my friend we did not pay attention to them and we directed our complete attention to the show. That night we spent our facebooks and promised a meeting for the next one. Promise that never took place. We met again some months later at some graduation parties, he with his friends and I with mine. There was no relationship. He died all there.
The destination is farfetched, I always believed in it. In casualties too. My best friend started studying architecture and it was coincidence that she had to be his partner in the same commission. Euphoric for the new meeting proposed a previous and then bowling. To which I was invited.

I did not recognize him, Martin was changed, he was a big ass, tall and muscled. He had a Bermuda color board with a mustard shirt ajar. A lovely perfume, white teeth covered by soft skin. A greeting and a couple of drinks. We were already best friends and of course professional players of the famous "king rule". We call the taxis, documents in hand and we go to the bowling alley. It was all laughing and grinning smiles. Women are not stupid, we understand strategies more than them. 3 against 3, my friends with theirs, me and him. That, I loved that
To the rhythm of the Dj we danced with ardor, it was the dance of seduction. He with his shoulders misplaced and I with my wild curls seduced us. We wanted to conquer. He took me by the hand to a corner and ate my mouth. Our skins felt close despite the clothes. That dance became habitual for many weekends, we were on the track and we became one. We let that fussy fate place us, in me the desire became frequent, at each exit I begged to find it to feel those lips. And many of those times came true.
It was enough to ask me whatsapp to bring this to the daily level, deep and other silly talks. With feeling and some with fire. From familiar topics to topics of celebrity. We were two exact people at the exact moment. Young and eager to live, without jealousy for each other and without chains. Free One winter night we did not see the need for bowling, he invited me to the movies. We walked side by side without holding our hands, there was no padlock. That night we both enjoyed it, we saw a movie desired by both and fights with Mc Donalds potatoes did not fail. I got into his car and between kiss and kiss we ended up in the park. I did not complain, he did not understand either but there we were. And there we were for the first time.
We undress in the back seat and enjoy that fate or chance. There was no shame, he was my friend. If that was it, friend. I did not want to get to the next level, neither did I. We did not need it. We were fine that way and since that July night we promised never to forget. Maybe it would be months when we did not see each other, maybe I would go out with others. But none was like him, with none he shared the passion of an encounter as with Martin. With him I did not worry if I put the horns or looked girls in the street. He was not obliged to greet me once a month with a gift included. We were free. We're free.
That is the friends with rights, today today, with Martin we continue to see. We are the same friends that we always were, we continue going to the movies and dancing. He knows my deepest secrets and is one of my family. I am the one who was always there for him and there is no requirement to change.
Maturity is required to have them, clarify the rules. There is no need to hurt other people or hurt yourself. We all know each other and we know how far we can go, it is often preferable to leave things as friends, or even take them to a formal couple. But believe me that the midpoint is the best, feel free but accompanied. Be single but not alone. Go out in a group and know that one of them is someone else. Someone who you can undress, undress, dress and dress as often as you want. Someone to trust. Someone to call "friend with right"