Livescribe Education Ambassador Program (LEAP)

The Livescribe Education Ambassador Program is currently full. If you would like to be considered for any future Education Ambassador opportunities, please fill out the LEAP application and we will contact you if the program has more openings.

Attention all educators! We want YOU to be part of the Education Innovation Revolution!
Become a Livescribe Education Ambassador by helping us tell the story of how Livescribe smartpens are having an impact on teaching and learning and as a thank you gift we will GIVE you a FREE smartpen! The Livescribe Education Ambassador Program is only available while supplies last.


What is a Livescribe Education Ambassador?

After completing an online application, we will send you a refurbished Livescribe smartpen. We know that through the use of the smartpen, you will come up with new and innovative ideas for enhancing your teaching and making the learning experience fun for your students. Now all we want you to do is tell others about your experience with the smartpen. Try some of these ways to share the news:

  • Invite other teachers in your building to your room for a “first hand view”
  • Blog or Tweet about your experiences 
  • Post pencasts to your Facebook page
  • Shout from your rooftop (be careful up there)
Begin by applying now to become a Livescribe Education Ambassador. The application will ask for some of your personal information and you will be required to accept our terms and conditions. After you receive your smartpen, we ask that you send us a pencast to so we can learn more about you and share your experience with our Livescribe Education Ambassador community.

What do you get for becoming a Livescribe Education Ambassador?
  • One (1) refurbished smartpen and dot-paper notebook
  • One (1) redeemable code for the online self-paced training course "Livescribe Smartpen 101"
  • K-12 Idea Book (available via download from the Livescribe Smartpen 101 course)
  • Monthly newsletter with new teaching ideas
Apply now to become a Livescribe Ambassador!

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