Welcome to St. Andrew's Church of Scotland, Liverpool
The Church of Scotland worshipping in the North-West of England!
We are home to a community of worshippers in the Presbyterian tradition who gather regularly from around the Merseyside area to unite in worship and fellowship. Though our roots are Scottish, we are not just for Scots. We invite you warmly to share in the joy of Christian worship in the heart of Liverpool.
Regular Sunday Service: 10.30 a.m. Radcliffe Room, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Please browse the site to find out more about us, and to leave comments on our Facebook page. We are always happy to hear from anyone with pastoral needs (such as baptisms, weddings or funerals) but even if you just need someone to talk to, that's what we are here for, so get in touch.
We hope you will share the warmth of Christian fellowship and experience the uplift of God's Spirit as we worship together at our services, events, and in Christian ministry through our lives.