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007 - Seventh Liverpolitan Tweed Run - On Safari No.2, Brighton, Sussex 13.10.12

On Safari No.2 - Brighton, Sussex
 A Jaunt by Bicycle, Saturday 13th October 2012
Once again the Liverpolitan Tweed brigade is striking out across the realm spreading the word of the Tweed Revolution in an honest-to-goodness Northern voice to this remote extremity of our sceptr'd isle! 
Please note the change of date to Saturday 13th October!
Although based on Brighton the actual route is from Worthing via several picturesque byways to Steyning and returning ultimately to Brighton*. There are three hills but we assured that they are short in length.
The Itinerary
Meet at Worthing Lido Cafe http://www.theworthinglido.co.uk/ before 11am.
Set off east along the promenade and then through the lagoon to the Art Deco splendour of
Shoreham Airport http://www.shorehamairport.co.uk/ and its restaurant for the first refreshment stop.
Then past Lancing College http://www.lancingcollege.co.uk/ with possible picnic at Winding Bottom
and then on to Steyning for either tea rooms or several public houses.
Back down the same route and ending up either in a hostelry in Old Shoreham or in
The Charles Dickens pub in Worthing as they do good food and we know that they are tolerant of junior bicyclists.
*Owing to the inordinate exertion, indignity and financial outlay required to transport numbers of bicycles over long distances in this country, several members of the party shall be hiring suitably dignified machines locally from the splendid coves at Amsterdammers Brighton Bicycle Hire at Brighton Station http://www.brightoncyclehire.com/ whose premises are situated beneath Brighton Station.
Bicycles can be booked in advance by telephone and cost as little as £10 per 24 hours for a four-speed Dutch bicycle with full mudguards, enclosed chaincase and skirt/coat guard on the rear wheel. They also offer tandems, family tandems and bakfiets or cargo bicycles with a vast skip up front to accommodate a nest of lolling children or a barrel of beer and a banquet.
Usual arrangements apply: no silly helmets or rubber pants, no perspiration, tweed to be worn, participants should exhibit a cheery, courteous attitude and a dignified air. 
 A dignified air as exhibited by
Professor Mycroft Milverton
Bring a small picnic, pocket money for refreshments en route and anything else you think might be of value during the outing.  If you are hiring a bicycle it might be as well to consider bringing some stout leather straps, bits of string  or bungees to secure your Tweedist impedimenta: picnic basket, shooting stick, trombones etc. whilst under way.
See the 'home page' and earlier runs for further elucidation on Liverpolitan Tweed!
To get you into the mood and instil some moral fibre, cast your monocled eye over the doughty lads of Teesside here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S94MunaTT4 as they held their annual Teesside Tweed Run on 30th September!
 Fourteen of the record twenty-one bicyclists assembled at Worthing Pier

A collection of Daguerreotypes can be peered at in Facebook at: