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006 - Sixth Liverpolitan Tweed Run - On Safari No.1, Chester 30.9.12

Trains to Chester from Liverpool will be subject to a bus replacement service
on this date so we shall not be able to get there at a reasonable time.
A thousand apologies to those intending to join us.
'On Safari' No. 1 - Chester
Another day of jolly jaunting awheel! Arrangements as they stand at present are simply to meet at Chester Station at 11.00am, on Sunday 30th September 2012.  The precise route has yet to be confirmed but it will include 'The Dee Round' a long flat stretch along the River Dee as far as Hawarden Bridge that is about fifteen miles. 
     Further details will be posted here as they are confirmed.   Needless to say, the usual delights will be incorporated.
     Chester Station, City Road, Chester, CH1 3NS at 11am on Sunday 30th September.
     Trains from Liverpool Lime Street (the tiny lift behind W.H. Smith's will take you directly to the platform) take 43 minutes and run every half-hour from 8.13am.  The 10.13 is the last to get you there before 11am.   At this time on a Sunday the bicycle bays on the trains ought not to be squatted in by cycle-less, selfish, unreasonable, fat scallies and their whelps. 
The departure times from Lime Street are:  8.13, 8.43. 9.13, 9.43 and 10.13.
     The bicycling craze strikes Tilling! Watch from exactly 5 minutes into this videokinematograph http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pj2XBqTFUY

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      STOP PRESS     
Mr. Reginald Periwinkle has informed us that there is to be a Teesside Tweed Run in Middlesbrough on the same date.   For more information cast your beady eye over this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/430069577038010/?notif_t=group_added_to_group#!/groups/430069577038010/ 


Chester Tweed Run CANCELLED 26th September.  It isn't the forecast of rain, it is because the trains from Liverpool will be off owing to engineering work and their replacement with a bus service!