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005 - Fifth Liverpolitan Tweed Run 15.7.12

The Fifth Liverpolitan Tweed Run
Ladies and Gentlemen!

Naturally it will be pouring with rain and there will be a howling wind but the Fifth Liverpolitan Tweed Run is to take place on Sunday 15th July.

† ‡ Or apparently not! See the link to the BBC weather below under Stop Press.

The Palm House, Sefton Park
Stout, Tweedy Bicyclists at the Palm House, Sefton Park, 1901
     The exact route of our latest minimum-exertion, maximum elegance jaunt has yet to be confirmed but it will roughly follow that of the Second Liverpolitan Tweed Run of 17th July last year; viz. http://www.walkjogrun.net/routes/current_route.cfm?rid=6CD2DF73-E7F2-AB9C-A3D4460DFD04BEEF
      Readers might remember how that run was cut short owing to heavy rain and strength-sapping wind. With luck we hope to follow more of the original route, adapt it to take in the new park on the site of the former Festival Gardens, take in more of the picturesque, partake of refreshments, proceed majestically about town and finish at the agreeable Camp & Furnace in Greenland Street. This is not only a splendid place of refreshment that welcomes bicyclists it is handy for Brunswick Station for those taking the train home for whom the current closure of Central Station is an inconvenience.

      The usual regulations apply: no rubber pants or Lycra, the recommended helmets for this jaunt are the deerstalker, the pith and the Pickelhaube. The recommended caps are the flat cap, the smoking cap and the fez. Gentlemen's knees must be covered at all times, preferably with stout tweed. Our progress is to be dignified, elegant and convivial. Hats are to be doffed, even to onrushing, stony-faced yahoos in plastic helmets as they illegally barge along pedestian pavements and tear through red traffic lights!

      Turn up at the Pier Head at 11am with your bicycle, a suitable tweed-accented cycling outfit and an affable disposition. Our jaunt is a civilised and sociable one.
      You will require pocket money for refreshments and it is recommended that you bring a lock for your machine just in case it is required. A small picnic is usual on these occasions, though getting the chance to eat it is dependent upon the weather! A pork pie wrapped in a red spotted handkerchief or some sandwiches ought to suffice but some tweedy riders have been known to push the boat out a bit.

      More details will appear here as they are confirmed and also on the Face Book page at https://www.facebook.com/hildebrand.staggers#!/events/386372581411231/ . You can register as 'attending' on the Face Book page for fun but the identity and numbers attending rarely tally with those who actually turn up. There are usually links to more photographs there too.
N.b. It is not necessary to own some expensive museum-piece to participate, neither is it necessary to own a bespoke Harris Tweed outfit. The point here is to enter into the spirit of the event. It is a minimum-exertion, maximum-elegance bicycle outing for ladies and gentlemen who find plastic helmets, ‘the mountain bike mentality’ and gaudy Lycra distasteful and intimidating. Natural fibres are best and tweed is best of all!
      Timings where given are appoximate as the event is supposed to be enjoyable, so there has to be flexibility. Also it is not a race and people exceeding the speed limit or hurtling along at speeds over 10mph might attract 'looks' and 'harrumphs'. Perspiration is strictly discouraged as is any excessive exertion that might impart a blush to the face. The route generally avoids long or steep uphill sections.
    STOP PRESS    
      According to the BBC Weather Office we are set to experience a pleasant day! NO rain, sunny intervals until noon, uninterrupted sun from noon until 5pm, 14⁰-16⁰C temperatures and a 15mph wind from the west, i.e. behind us and from our right off the River at the most exposed parts of the jaunt! (Is flabbergasted!) Be sure to pack your pork pies and hard-boiled eggs!
     Don't look now but the BBC reckons the weather is going to be good... http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2644210

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