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004 - Fourth Liverpolitan Tweed Run 18.3.12

Spring Ahoy!

The Fourth Liverpolitan Tweed Run

‘With the Wind at our Rear’

Sunday 18th March 2012



It is once again time to pump furiously, oil your parts and wipe a moist cloth over your seat for the first Liverpolitan Tweed Run of 2012!



A minimum-exertion, maximum-elegance bicycle outing for ladies and gentlemen who find plastic helmets, undignified exertion and gaudy Lycra distasteful and intimidating.

      An informal ride with opportunities for tea and buns, beer and chips, etc., along the way as well as picnics and sea-bathing for the adventurous, participants are those whose dress is dignified and stylish, urbane rather than urban. Pipe-smokers are particularly welcome!

      This is not a race or a distance-covering exercise of interest only to the sort of deviants who are morbidly enthusiastic about sweating; riders can stop as often as they like to admire the views, take photographs or slip into a poetic reverie. As the jaunting company will include women, children and senior citizens there will be plenty of opportunities to visit lavatories for the adjustment of tie-knots, the straightening of stocking seams and the the waxing of windswept moustaches (in case anyone is worried on that score).

      Our progress is to be dignified, elegant and convivial. Hats are to be doffed, even to onrushing, stony-faced yahoos in plastic helmets as they illegally barge along pedestian pavements and tear through red traffic lights!

      Most of the route is off the roads, on dedicated cycle paths and away from motor traffic.

      Our previous Tweed Runs have been treated unkindly by the weather leading to more time sheltering from howling winds and driving rain in public houses than awheel. As this is earlier in the year than last year’s first run it has been decided that to use typical conditions to our advantage. Hence the curious tactic of starting with a railway trip to West Kirby (bicycles are carried free of charge on Merseyrail trains) and ride back towards Liverpool. The prevailing westerly winds ought therefore to be at our backs and assist our majestic progress, rather than batter into our faces and drive us to endure hours of idleness spent in pubs.

The Itinerary

      All further information including times and rendezvous points will be published here. The intention is to rendezvous at West Kirby Station (perhaps starting the day with slap-up breakfast at the Sweet Pea Café or Toast) and bicycling eastwards towards Liverpool in a dignified manner from about 11.10am taking refreshment and other diversions along the route. It is hoped that the weather might afford the opportunity for a picnic at some point, perhaps even a spot of kite-flying, paddling or beach cricket! At Seacombe the party will board a ferry to Liverpool where the jaunt will continue on the level through the Albert Dock and it will finish at the nearby place of refreshment The Baltic Fleet which has an outside area, welcomes well-behaved children and sells decent beer as well as being rich in local legend.

      Inebriates, consumptives and those palsied by a depraved life-style fear not! You can leave the jaunt at any point as the route is parallel to the West Kirby to Liverpool railway line so a station will never be far away. The Saveaway ticket allows unlimited travel on trains, buses and direct* ferries for the whole day (*i.e., not those deemed 'cruises' from Liverpool to Seacombe in the middle of the day).

What you will need.

1. A bicycle (tricycles and quadricycles are also welcome to take part though getting them on trains might be awkward).

2. A cheery attitude and a jaunty gait.

3. A dignified outfit of bicycling clothes in the realm of holy tweed.

4. A small picnic for the beach.

5. Some pocket money for refreshments, black pudding, tobacco, ginger biscuits, pork pies, etc.

6. A Merseytravel all-zone ‘Saveaway’ ticket (£4.30) will cover all your train and ferry travels on the day.

Getting There.

      Trains run from Liverpool Central Station to West Kirby every 30 minutes from 0835 and the journey takes 32 minutes. Obviously it is possible to join the jaunting party after it has started, either by catching up with it or riding to meet them en route.

Depart Arrive
0835 0907
0905 0937
0935 1007
1005 1037
1035 1107

A map of the route can be found here:- http://www.walkjogrun.net/routes/current_route.cfm?rid=E8A5B809-E701-7498-2D4097E1B53A1E17 . This is a fully-functionng Google map so you can zoom in and whiz around to your heart's content.

Previous Liverpolitan Tweed Runs For those curious to know more of The Tweed Revolution!

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Start: Acacia Grove, West Kirby, CH48 4DD
The Sweet Pea Cafe, 2a Acacia Grove.
Finish: The Baltic Fleet, 33 Wapping, Liverpool L1 8DQ
London Tweed Run announced for 6th May 2012! http://vimeo.com/38132084 A promotional videokinematograph for the Original Tweed Run established in 2009

The Fourth Liverpolitan Tweed Run Post-Mortem

Another Triumph!

      Eighteen people met at the Sweet Pea Café in West Kirby for the Fourth Liverpolitan Tweed Run. Regulars were blinking, unaccustomed to the sun which glinted on their machines as they assembled picturesquely beneath the ornate iron-and-glass arcade in Acacia Grove. They were joined by several new wheelers and attracted the attention of a couple on a tandem passing through who said that they would like to join the next Liverpolitan Tweed Run.

      The group bicycled along the cycle-track to the Art Deco railway station at Hoylake, over the level crossing and straight down to the promenade for a group photograph and a visit to the lifeboat station, model boating pool and ice-cream van.

      A few miles later at the end of the sand dunes there was a picnic stop at the top of the beach below the Derby Pool pub and golf links. A great variety of picnic comestibles was uncovered and the traditional liquid accompaniments to treat the toper. There was even an attempt at kite-flying which was unfortunately defeated by the unhelpful wind direction and irretrievably knotted lines. Those who had not brought picnics rode on to the Olive Tree Café in Victoria Road but rejoined the throng in the convenient beer-garden of the Queens Royal Hotel on the front at New Brighton that was our next stop. Those still peckish indulged in that delicacy peculiar to the British holiday resort, seaside fish and chips (which taste much better than their landlocked counterparts) then cycled on to the funfair where the dodgems were a particular favourite of the bicycling party. Three of the less frivolous (some might say curmudgeonly) riders who were feeling the cold wind off the sea here formed an advance party to proceed to The Magazine Hotel and there they requisitioned a large room for the main party.

      Although the womb-like warmth and comfort of the ancient Magazine was appreciated (not to mention the beer) there was a schedule of sorts – the ferry only sails once per hour – so the throng left to cycle along the promenade to the Seacombe Ferry Terminal to catch the 17.10. The party embarked to find that it was a ‘cruise’ trip which comprises a sightseeing tour along the river. Obviously this took some time and those on the main deck were subject to a protracted chilling blast of wind as they watched over the massed bicycles that clogged it athwartships. This was necesary lest the movement of the ship – as it enthusiastically churned the water to foam in a series of tight turns – cause them to fall into each other and be damaged.

      Upon landfall the party cycled along the river-front to The Baltic Fleet, a hostelry of renown with good beer and a welcoming wood-burning stove to warm hands chilled by the strong winds of the ferry crossing. It was here the party watched the sun set and people left, either to go home or to call at other hostelries on the way and do very badly in a pub quiz.


A very short videokinematograph of conditions aboard ship can be seen at http://youtu.be/L-t3Zgdy8SU


This jaunt was also featured on the I Cycle Liverpool blog:  http://icycleliverpool.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/liverpolitan-tweed-run.html

Early arrivals enjoy a scrumptious breakfast and piping hot tea at The Sweet Pea Café

For More Daguerreotypes of the Day, see:





Fifth Liverpolitan Tweed Run to take place on Sunday 15th July 2012!