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003 - Third Liverpolitan Tweed Run 2.10.11


     Once again it is time to wax your handlebar but also time to strap down your bungy, buff up your sola topee and set your sights for adventure and exploration in uncharted territory!

     With surprisingly little physical exertion this jaunt will take you into the heart of 'the sticks': through woods, along winding paths, over narrow bridges spanning precipitous drops*, across golf links, skirting firing ranges, a Royal Air Force aerodrome and past settlements of strangely-dressed natives with eccentric voting behaviour!

     Our Man In Crosby has planned the route (see link to map below). Keep your eyes skinned for the latest news - he is researching refreshment stops along the way.

     Rendezvous point is Ainsdale station at 11am on Sunday 2nd October.

     A large part of the route has already been reconnoitred and despite its rustic nature an unfit, overweight, middle-aged man riding a two-ton Pashley completed the course without shortness of breath or bloodcurdling mishap. A bare-armed lady bicyclist was however 'slightly scratched by a bramble'.

*A few feet above the River Alt.

As can be seen from the map of the route it is not circular. The start is at Ainsdale Station and the finish is at Waterloo Station. Both these are stations on the Merseyrail Northern Line betwixt Liverpool and Southport (Viz. http://www.merseyrail.org/assets/network2.html )

Inebriates, consumptives and those palsied by fatigue can leave the jaunt at several points and take the train home.

Those who need to return to the start to meet a motor-car can take the train back to Ainsdale or ride back whence they came! (Or alternatively, park at Waterloo and take the train to the start at Ainsdale.)

Note that all the stations along this stretch of the line are at ground level so there’ll be no need to risk life and limb on escalators or try to force your machine into a tiny lift.

Of course should the railway line be closed (Sunday is the favourite day for ‘engineering work’) and there be a bus replacement service then we are DOOMED…

In the event of a Bus Replacement Service


At 27th September there has been no announcement of 'engineering works' or indeed any other form of rail chaos.


Getting There

If you are taking your bicycles on a train or two use the journey planner here -


- to see how you get to Ainsdale Station by 11.00am on 2nd October from your nearest or most convenient station.

Rough Itinerary All timings are approximate.

1100hrs - Rendezvous at Ainsdale Station.

1230hrs - Picnic in Pinewoods at Freshfield.

Pinewoods and/or Cross House hostelries somwhere in this period.

1500 -Hightown Hotel.

1630 - The Royal in Waterloo.

What you will Need for the Jaunt

A picnic to eat in the open air, some pocket money for the hostelries and a lock for your bicycle. The hostelries have outside tables and children are welcome. The chances are that our machines will be parked in full view

Other Information
The BBC's Five-Day Weather Forecast for Crosby http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/342?area=Crosby


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    STOP PRESS    
TURN UP FOR THE BOOKS! The weather on the day of the third Liverpolitan Tweed Run is forecast to be DRY and WARM with a strong likelihood of SUNSHINE!
The date of Manchester's Second Tweed Ride has just been announced - Saturday 29th October. see www.tweedride.co.uk for details.