Over time I hope to have much information on this site related to what it means to be human, thus spirit and live spiritually.
Please have a look at the many books and pamphlets here that you can peruse and download (all with the authors permission)
Right now all this is (slowly) being set up. Please be patient, I'm learning as we go along. 
For now, you are most welcome at my previous site so you can see what this is all about.
In the meantime, over the years I found that while discussing anything with anyone on the internet, it was very helpful to be able to paste a link to provide more in-depth information. There was no site that I could find which provided that. . When you want to generate a link to any of the books, sermons, etc. just right-click the download link of the item and click on 'copy shortcut'. Pasting that in your conversation will make that book or sermon available to all those reading your conversation.
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