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Live/raw-food diets may be used for health or other reasons. There are many varieties - a few sites to learn more:
  • Raw Paleo - diets which include raw animal foods
  • Natural Hygiene - diets based on raw plant foods
  • Fruitarian - diets based on raw fruit

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    This page is a resource for Australians using raw food diets, including those with raw animal foods. There is an Australian live-food discussion group - join livefoodoz group.

    RAF - Raw Animal Foods
    RVAF - Raw Vegetable and Animal Foods
    Oz - Australia

    Disclaimer: raw food may contain organisms injurious to health. Information on this page is used at own risk.


    General Info

    BFA News (Winter, 2001) - Since the gazettal of the new ANZFA Food Standards Code in December 2000, it is not illegal to sell unpasteurised cowÂ’s milk and derived products according to federal law and subject to labelling as given in the code. While state laws may restrict sale of these products, at least NSW, Qld, WA, SA and the ACT allow it, subject to guidelines.

    W. Last - In some states and countries it is legal to buy raw goat's milk and through an administrative loophole even unpasteurised European cheeses are available in Australia. Buy them whenever possible. Recently I heard an Australian cheese producer saying on ABC radio that he submitted some of his self-produced unpasteurised cheeses for testing. They were completely free of pathogenic bacteria unlike pasteurised products which commonly contain disease-causing microbes up to a legal limit.

    Will Studd (Feb, 2001) - Following a six-year ban, it is now legal to import raw milk cheeses to Australia, provided they meet the requirements of a quarantine permit issued by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service in Canberra. The bad news for cheese lovers is that it is still illegal to sell them unless the manufacturing process has been subjected to a safety assessment by the Australian New Zealand Food Authority.

    Bruce Bell - Briefly, only one state in Australia (South Australia) currently has a regulatory regime permitting sale of unpasteurized milk for human consumption. In the state of Queensland, one can legally sell goats milk only, unpasteurized. It would only take a regulation change to widen that to include bovine milk and the national standards allow for a state to permit unpasteurized supply if the state wishes to, but the big processors and public assumptions about the myths of pasteurization being true create strong opposition...

    Unpasteurised Dairy Suppliers

    A list of suppliers is maintained on a seperate web page (unlisted in search engines) so that company names are not associated with a web page like this one, which may be perceived negatively. The name of the web page is the same as this page, with the addition of "/dairy.html". Please do not add the dairy web page to any web site accessible to search engines.


    Which fish are farmed versus wild?

    Good question. Try:

    Tasmanian Aquaculture Council - Aquaculture species

    Fishnet Fish File

    Australian Marine Conservation Society

    Fish Protech - Barramundi farming in SA. See Landline story.

    Which fish do folks eat?

    "The raw fish I mainly have is tuna, hapuka, and salmon. At the moment I'm just getting sashimi packs which are probably from farm fish as I can't find any fresh non-farm whole fish."

    "My favourites are mackerel, hake and semi-dried salmon. Pan snapper sometimes. Early on I ate anything which looked tastey like hoki, bream, flake, snapper and rainbow trout, but have gone off these. It's hard to find fresh stuff. Sardines taste OK but full of bones: too hard to pick 'em out. I semi-dry some types in the fridge for 1-3 days to improve flavour. One time I overdosed on mackerel and felt toxic/tired, so now I eat it in moderation."

    Which fish are used for sashimi?

    Tetsuya's recipes include tuna, hamachi (kingfish), ocean trout, trevally, scampi (prawns?), cuttlefish and any white fish of sashimi quality like snapper, perch, flounder, barcod, and whiting.

    South Coast NSW/Vic - suppliers of sashimi grade fish.

    Sashimi Recipes - All types of fish and shellfish can be prepared for sashimi, however, the stronger-tasting oily fish are best. All the tuna previously described make excellent sashimi. Wahoo and mackerel are also delicious.

    Secrets of the Sea - the subject was freshness and I learnt that from fishing line to plate, sashimi could get a whole lot better.


    What cuts of meat do you eat?

    "Beef - I buy cheap cuts like blade/topside from the supermarket. So tasty asis or semi-dried in the fridge. I used to find it too hard to chew and so minced it in the food processor, but now happily chew chunks and spit out tough fibres. Comparatively, lean mince from the supermarket is ordinary - but I eat that sometimes too. Generally I can't afford to buy organic."

    Meat Suppliers

    Raw Ostrich with Mustard Dressing

    Organic Links

    Brisbane Organic Market


    Overseas Books

    We Want To Live - Aajonus Vonderplanitz: "Aajonus' book cost me sixty something dollars. I got it from his home page, not amazon.com. You have to call an international 1800 number, from memory. It took about 6 weeks to get it though - probably lowest priority surface mail."

    "I ordered Aajonus' book from Borders Bookshop in Sydney. Took a month and cost about $60".

    Australian RVAF Books

    Eco-Eating - Sapoty Brook.

    Tetsuya Wakuda - Recipes from Australia's Most Acclaimed Chef: uses a mix of fresh herbs, vegetables, and either raw or 10% cooked ingredients.

    Healing Foods - Walter Last.

    Instinctive Nutrition: Food, Your Body and You - Helen Young.

    Living Proof - John Cirocco recovered from cancer using Gerson therapy.

    You Can Conquer Cancer - Ian Gawler has some gerson info in his book.

    The Permaculture Book of Ferment & Human Nutrition - Bill Mollison, may have some raw recipes including RAFs.


    Oz practitioners using RVAF diets...

    Dr Fielder - uses small amounts of RAFs in his natural hygiene style lifestyle and health farm near Cairns.

    Sapoty Brook - long-term raw fooder, from fruitarian background, now including small amounts of raw fish. Available for post/email consultations. (NSW)

    Walter Last -recommends some RAFs. Don't know if he gives consultations.

    Gerson Support - a dietary therapist near Brisbane supports patients on Gerson therapy - raw veg based, but may include raw liver juice (not sure if they still use it).


    Paul in Melbourne writes...

    I'm going swimmingly on the RAF diet! My digestion has improved 100%, and and appears to be working correctly for the first time in my life. I'm having bowel movements regularly every 1.5 days whereas previously it was once every 4-5 days. At first when I transitioned to the RAF diet my digestion didn't improve to any large extent, but I noticed a big difference after totally eliminating nuts (I'd usually have a handful or two of Macadamias/Brazil/Hazelnuts a day). I decided to do this after reading that primitive societies would always ferment, sprout, cook or soak their nuts. It seemed to be soon after eliminating nuts that my digetion rapidly improved, however I believe it was a combination of the RAF diet and giving up the nuts.

    Essentially my diet now consists of raw meat, fish, fruit, eggs, organ meats, honey and small amounts of greens/plant foods (no dairy cause I could'nt find anything raw). Recently I've incorporated small amounts of Essene bread and cultured butter (made from pasteurised milk unfortunately) with no worsening effects on my digestion. I have a cooked meal (usually Asian style dish) about twice a week to slow down the detox. I am doing some reading up on aging meats at the moment with a view to incorporating this into my diet soon.

    My body temperature has increased, on average, from 36.0 deg C to 36.4 deg C (this is in about 2 1/2 months). It hasn't increased much in the last month or so, and I believe my body temp should be higher so I'm going to introduce some aged meat, cultured foods, and a greater percentage of animal products in my diet in the hope of upping my body temp. I'll let you know how it goes...

    Anonymous writes...

    Mr. A. T. Dwyer - Gerson/ Sifu Crockett cancer recovery.


    How We Heal - Explore the concepts presented in the book, "How We Heal", by Douglas Morrison ... particularly in Australia, where much of this knowledge is largely unknown.

    Raw Energy & Alternative Lifestyle Society - newsletter in Cairns was spawned by disillusioned members of the Oz Fruitarian Network. Some members and discussions include RAFs.

    Dom's Kefir - Dominic in Oz may have some weird raw recipes: kefir and beyond, kefir grains ...

    The Natural Health Many-To-Many - snail-mail publication in USA has some Oz members, and discusses RAFs, so may have some contacts.

    FAILSAFE Newsletter (NT) - While travelling I followed a strict gluten-free diet and ate buffalo curd as often as I could, several times a day if possible, reasoning that unpasteurised curd contains huge amounts more - and many different types -of the 'friendly' probiotic bacteria which are supposed to promote intestinal health in western-style yoghurt.

    Living Biogenic Nutrition - Unpasteurised goats milk yoghurt, soft cheese, keffir, etc are all lactic foods.

    Aborigines & RAFs

    Weston Price

    Insect Snacks of Aborigines

    Cooking Practices of Aborigines



    Dr Ian Billinghurst in Bathurst, NSW.

    Dr Tom Lonsdale - NSW, author of Raw Meaty Bones.

    Naturopathy for Pets

    BARF in Tasmania

    Andrea Madeley - South Australia.

    To Do

    I haven't read these in full yet, so many of them are probably useless...

    Kangaroo - "Since kangaroo meat is virtually inedible when thoroughly cooked, eaten in a virtually raw state (as recommended by its purveyors) it presents a danger to human health. This may well be a major reason why kangaroo meat is not eaten in households in Australia. If it were to be used in tartare dishes in Europe it would be more likely to cause outbreaks of food poisoning than are experienced with beef processed under the highest standards of European meat hygiene."

    Bush Tucker Man Books

    Raw Possum and Salted Pork - Haven't read this yet...

    Swiss raw milk cheeses approved for import

    The Witjuti Grub

    Mettwurst and Escherichia coli

    Edible Flowers, Qld

    Cryovac packed aged beef

    Aged Organic Beef?

    How To Avoid Listeria Infection

    www.bettahealth.com.au in WA - recommending raw goats milk.

    Importing Raw Supplements

    Health & Healing - contains back issue article on raw milk, & body electronics.

    Raw Placenta

    Kinesiology, Raw Milk

    Body Electronics, Oz

    Global Vision Intl - John Ray video in Oz?

    Body Electronics on ABC radio

    BE practitioner, Qld

    BE in NHS magazine

    The Great Aussie Sausage Book by Erich Schaal has some instructions on raw sausages (tho generally smoked, salted, etc).

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