We offer Sharpening Services by Oregon Carbide Saw.  A 20-year relationship with the owners have convinced us that they are the absolute best cutter resource in Oregon.  In 2010, they added incredible CNC technology to their facility, and have extensive capabilities for your sharpening needs. 
  • Carbide saw sharpening on 8 axis CNC machine
  • Metal cutting coldsaws, CNC precision grind, new, and regrind
  • Spiral / specialty tools reground, manufactured on Precision Swiss CNC
  • Profile knives and cutter
  • Insert tooling
  • Bandsaws - made to length per order
  • Large selection of carbide saws, carbide routers, and bandsaws stocked

Don't be a dull tool!

We offer a weekly service:  get your dull tools in by Wednesday morning, and they will be ready for pickup the following Wednesday.