The Spanish Home-School

CasaFlora is a new alternative to learn Spanish in Costa Rica. Located in San Cristobal Norte, at only 30 minutes from Cartago by automobile, and 45 minutes by bus, this new home-school offers you an intensive program of contextualized Spanish in which you can live in your teacher's home and learn Spanish formally and informally. In what way?

Start the day and the class with the preparation of a delicious typical breakfast, all in Spanish; take four hours of formal academic class in the morning, according to your communicative skills; have lunch with informal conversations in Spanish; study and have fun with different social and cultural activities in the afternoon; and retake the class in the evening while preparing dinner and learning how to cook with your teacher and conversing about different topics of personal, public, or social interest. All in Spanish!!!  If you are not a morning person, it is not a problem. We will have program your formal class for the afternoon, then!!!

CasaFlora offers an attractive program for those students interested in receiving a very personalized instruction of the language with strong emphasis on oral communication. In a fully equipped house with two comfortable bedrooms for two persons each, and one master bedroom, you can opt to study on your own or study with your friends or your whole family. When you begin your program, your host-teacher will determine your proficiency level with an oral interview. After your level is determined, your learning experience will start in a fun way.

CasaFlora is also a perfect place for those students who are interested in receiving Spanish tutory or guide with the construction of a thesis or a dissertation for graduating. If your main interest is to improve your skills as a teacher of Spanish L2, we invite you to take this program, since our most important goal is to train and offer high quality teachers of such language to the world.

A well structured and carefully designed academic program will be used to help you achieve the necessary skills to start communicating in Spanish. Casa Flora is an exclusive home-school where you will receive personal attention to help you make your dream real: speak Spanish fluently.

For further information about rates and schedules, contact your host-teacher

Gustavo Cerdas Sáenz, M.Sc.



Ph.  506-2552-7206                                                                      

Cel. 506-8991-2561