with Counsellor Sasha Phillips MBPsS, B.Sc. (Hons) PSYCH

BrighterLife Life Coaching offers Personal Coaching to the general public and business professionals. Whether you are embarking on a new life or career change, feeling stuck or are simply fed up of the status-quo and feel like a refreshing life change.  See my Life Coaching Guide  for more information on what a Life Coach does.


 for me involves working with the whole person.  We will work together to create your amazing future, sort out anything that is holding you back and break through any barriers to your success.  

Discover what you want and how to get it and live your life with renewed motivation, confidence and energy! 
In Life Excellence Coaching, the main aim is to discover how you can enjoy your life to the full.  It is about exploring tried and tested ways to make life more fun, more exciting and/or more relaxed.  It is about finding that beautiful balance in life that relieves you of the stress whilst still providing you with the challenges and excitement that motivate and inspire you.  There are many skills that happy and successful people already use to create their best life, and all you need to do is learn what they are and how to apply them to your own life.
As your Life Coach my main aim is to discover with you your deepest and most important values, dreams and wishes.  With your wants and needs in mind we will then take into account all your strengths, skills and abilities, and find ways to build any pieces of the puzzle not already present.  These processes will enable you to accomplish your goals as quickly and as easily as possible.  I will guide  you through all these stages smoothly, acting as a catalyst and giving you the motivation to succeed.  Your life will improve in many ways, are you ready for the challenge?