Counselling Tenby, Pembrokeshire



I specialise in the treatment of anxiety in all forms, and when working with me you will learn some dynamic and extremely effective techniques that will assist you in managing your nervous system so that you can feel relaxed and find peace of mind once again.

'To beat anxiety for good it is important to work with a multidimensional approach, working with the physical aspects you experience in your body, the mental aspects you experience as your thoughts, and the emotional aspects you experience as overwhelm.'


Specific anxiety can be related to any specific situation and people are generally free of anxiety if they can avoid this.  Some experience anxiety only when driving, shopping or going into crowded places for example.  Treatment for specific anxiety requires the multidimensional approach mentioned above, and also some targeted methods for effective relief.


Panic Attacks can be terrifying when they first begin, and often lead us to relinquish our freedom in many areas.  As we start associating the panic with more and more places, we become scared to go to those and similar places in case we experience another attack.  Often clients report feeling as if they are going to die, can't breathe or as having an urgent need to leave the place they are in.  

I have suffered panic attacks myself and overcome them, so understand how crippling these attacks can be. I have taught the skills I used to rebuild my security in life to clients over the past 15 or so years, often seeing dramatic results after only a few sessions.  The techniques I use are simple, some will have an immediate impact, others will take a bit of practice over a few weeks.  

There is absolutely no need for you to continue living in fear.  Contact me now to beat the panic attacks, and regain a feeling of safety and freedom in your life: