RCMS Beta Club

Any 6th or 7th grade student interested in joining Beta Club 2nd semester should attend an informational meeting after school Thursday, February 7th from 3:20-4:00 in Mrs. Moore's Room (718).

Sponsors: Ms. Myers, Mr. Guth, Mrs. Skardon, Mr. Streetman

2012-2013 Officers
President: Keeley Meetze

Vice President: Adrianna McAbee
Secretary: Desiree Marinez-Reyna
Treasurer: Zane Riddle

What is the BETA CLUB?
The National Junior Beta Club is a student honor society that recognizes high academic achievement, promotes excellent character and social responsibility, encourages service to others, and fosters leadership skills.

What are the requirements of membership?

Students must be willing to perform and provide service logs for a minimum of 10 service hours each semester, maintain and provide proof of a grade average of 93% or higher, and have a clean discipline record. All meetings are mandatory. Absences that will be excused with a note include, but are not limited to, doctor’s appointment, participation in an athletic event, chorus performance, or drama production. The note should be submitted to a Beta Club sponsor within 24 hours of missing a meeting.


What are the dues for members?

There is a one-time national fee of $15.  Local dues are payable at the beginning of each year of membership and are used to pay for club expenses during the year.  Ralph Chandler Middle School Chapter of The National Junior Beta Club’s dues is $15 per year. If a student does not meet the requirements at the time of initial application, the fee will be returned. Once a student is inducted into the Junior Beta Club, no refund will be given. You may wish to explore the National Beta Club website at www.betaclub.org to learn more about the benefits that are included in the induction fee.


How do I apply for membership?

All Ralph Chandler students who maintain a 93% average at the end of 1st semester will be invited to join Beta Club. If you desire to fulfill the Beta Club’s participation and service requirements, you are to submit the required membership application packet to the appropriate sponsor by deadlines set each semester.  An invitation does not guarentee membership; you must also successful complete the Beta Club application. Sixth graders cannot join until after 1st semester.  Seventh graders can join at the beginning of the school year or at the end of 1st. Eighth graders can join at the beginning of the school year.